What Does Inaugurate Mean

What does it mean to inaugurate someone?

: to introduce (someone such as a newly elected official) into a job or position with a formal ceremony. : to celebrate the fact that something (such as a new hospital or school) is officially ready to be used.

What does it mean to inaugurate a building?

2 verb When a new building or institution is inaugurated it is declared open in a formal ceremony.

What is the origin of the word inaugurate?

Inaugurate comes from the Latin word inaugurare which was formed by combining in- with augēre meaning “to increase.” Augēre is likely the origin of augur spelled the same in Latin and English though the path of the word’s development isn’t certain.

What is a sentence for inaugurate?

1. People hoped that the new government would inaugurate a period of change. 2. All the assurances that the treaty would not inaugurate an arms race or cost the United States anything were brushed aside.

Can you inaugurate a business?

A ribbon cutting is the ceremonial opening of a brand-new or newly-renovated/relocated business that has opened within the last six months. It can inaugurate an organization’s first day of business or it can take place weeks after the business’ soft opening.

What does inaugurated as president mean?


: an act or ceremony of introducing into office a president’s inauguration.

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What are two synonyms for inaugurate?

Frequently Asked Questions About inaugurate

Some common synonyms of inaugurate are begin commence initiate start and usher in. While all these words mean “to take the first step in a course process or operation ” inaugurate suggests a beginning of some formality or notion of significance.

What is the synonym of inaugurate?

Definition. to formally establish (a new leader) in office. The new president will be inaugurated on January 20. Synonyms. invest.

What is the noun derived from inaugurate?

An inauguration a formal beginning.

How do you speak inaugurated?

Is Ignoral a word?

Another example is ignoral the quality or state of being ignored.

What does the word instate mean?

Definition of instate

transitive verb. 1 : to set or establish in a rank or office : install. 2 obsolete. a : invest endow.

How do you use manifest destiny in a sentence?

Manifest-destiny sentence example

The west was open for its final chapters its manifest destiny . Napoleon was evidently returning to the traditions of his youth and in the September Convention of 1864 it looked as if he would abandon Rome to its manifest destiny .

How do you start a venture?

7 Easy Steps for Launching a Venture that Will Fail
  1. Start your venture for the sole purpose of making money. …
  2. Launch your venture in an area you don’t understand. …
  3. Launch an idea not a true business opportunity. …
  4. Don’t launch until you raise significant funding. …
  5. Don’t build a brain trust of mentors and advisers.

What can I use instead of ribbon cutting?

Beyond the Ribbon-Cutting: Unusual Ways to Launch New Venues
  • Bread Breaking. …
  • Four-Day Festival. …
  • Patriotic Flair. …
  • Bell Ringing. …
  • Fireworks. …
  • Aerial Ribbon Performance. …
  • Skydiving. …
  • Motorcycle Stunts.

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What is the process of launching venture?

The following steps are involved in a Pre-launch stage in starting of a new venture. 1. Identify Analyze and Decide on the business idea. … Analyze competition and select the positioning strategy.

Who can inaugurate the president?

Since the 1797 inauguration of John Adams it has become customary for the new president to be sworn into office by the Supreme Court’s chief justice. Others have administered the oath on occasions when a new president assumed office intra-term due to the incumbent’s death or resignation.

What is the swearing in of the President called?

Inauguration of the President of the United States | USAGov.

What do you call someone who is treated badly?

persecute. verb. to treat someone extremely badly or to refuse them equal rights especially because of their race religion or political beliefs.

What is Usher?

1 : to serve to bring into being a discovery that ushered in a period of change. 2 : to mark or observe the beginning of ushered in the new year with merrymaking.

Which is the closest antonym for the word procure?

antonyms for procure
  • discourage.
  • dissuade.
  • fail.
  • forfeit.
  • hinder.
  • hurt.
  • let go.
  • lose.

What is the meaning get off the ground?

1 : to begin to operate or proceed in a successful way The project never really got off the ground. 2 : to cause (something) to begin to operate or proceed in a successful way We’re still trying to get this project off the ground.

What does inaugurated mean in the Bible?

Inaugurated eschatology is the belief in Christian theology that the end times were inaugurated in the life death and resurrection of Jesus and thus there are both “already” and “not yet” aspects to the Kingdom of God.

What is another word for induction?

What is another word for induction?
installation inauguration
instruction ordination
orientation reception
selection training
taking in debut

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Does inaugural mean first?

This word has to do with ceremonies and firsts: an inaugural or inaugural address is the first speech made by a President at a ceremony also called the inauguration. This word is highly associated with Presidents but it can apply to any kind of official first. An inaugural trip to China is a first trip to China.

When was Abraham Lincoln inaugurated?

March 4 1861

How do you pronounce amphitheater?

How do you pronounce Mbeki?

How do you pronounce pervades?

What is an exceedance?

: an act or instance of exceeding especially a limit or amount.

What Day Is inaugural day?

Congress had originally established March 4 as Inauguration Day. The date was moved to January 20 with the passage of the Twentieth Amendment in 1933.

What is a first time event called?

: happening as the first one in a series of similar events. See the full definition for inaugural in the English Language Learners Dictionary. inaugural.

What is another word for instate?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for instate like: install initiate jure accept enter upon redesignate inaugurate induct and invest.

Inaugurate meaning | Inaugurate pronunciation with examples

What does inaugurate mean?

What is INAUGURATION? What does INAUGURATION mean? INAUGURATION meaning & explanation

What does inaugurate mean

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