What Do Snake Scales, Dog Fur, And Eagle Feathers All Have In Common?

What Do Snake Scales Dog Fur And Eagle Feathers All Have In Common??

All are reptiles. What do snake scales dog fur and eagle feathers all have in common? All grow for the life of the organism without being shed.

Which of the following animals is most closely related to the hagfish?

Molecular analysis since 1992 has suggested that hagfish are most closely related to lampreys and so also are vertebrates in a monophyletic sense. Others consider them a sister group of vertebrates in the common taxon of craniata.

Which of the successful and diverse animal phyla are the chordates most closely related to?

Echinoderms are the most closely related phylum to the phylum Chordata which includes many complex organisms such as humans.

Which of the following is a defining characteristic of animals?

All animals are eukaryotic multicellular organisms and almost all animals have specialized tissues. Most animals are motile at least during certain life stages. Animals require a source of food to grow and develop. All animals are heterotrophic ingesting living or dead organic matter.

Which phylum is most closely related to the arthropods?

The arthropods share many features with the phylum Annelida. Both arthropods and annelids are segmented and members of the annelid class Polychaeta have a pair of appendages on each segment.

Are lampreys and hagfish related?

Yes. Lamprey and hagfish are both jawless fishes. They are the only living members of the taxonomical class Agnatha (Greek for “no jaws”).

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What are the hagfish predators?

They have a defence that makes them all but untouchable. Their only predators are either very large fish whose gills are too big to clog or mammals which don’t have gills and whose stomachs can easily digest or expel the slime.

Why do scientists think that echinoderms and chordates are closely related?

Why do scientists think that echinoderms and chordates are closely related even though they are structurally so different from one another? They are both deuterostomes. What are the defining characteristics of echinoderms? How have the body structures of sea lilies and feather stars adapted to a sessile lifestyle?

Which phylum includes animals that lack tissues?

Sponges: The Phylum Porifera | Back to Top. The phylum Porifera (“pore-bearing”) consists of approximately 5 000 species of sponges. These asymmetrical animals have sac-like bodies that lack tissues and are usually interpreted as representing the cellular level of evolution.

What do echinoderms and chordates have in common?

Similarities Between Echinoderms and Chordates

They show bilateral symmetry at any stage of their life cycle. Therefore they belong to the clade Bilataria. Also both are deuterostomes whose blastopore develops into the anus. And both exhibit radial cleavage which is indeterminate.

What do snake scales dog fur and eagle feathers all have in common quizlet?

All are reptiles. What do snake scales dog fur and eagle feathers all have in common? All grow for the life of the organism without being shed.

Which two characteristics do all animals have?

The Animal Kingdom
  • Animals are multicellular.
  • Animals are heterotrophic obtaining their energy by consuming energy-releasing food substances.
  • Animals typically reproduce sexually.
  • Animals are made up of cells that do not have cell walls.
  • Animals are capable of motion in some stage of their lives.

What characteristics does this animal have dog?

Page 1
  • Dogs are known to be faithful and loyal companions protective of their masters and territory. …
  • • Good guard dog. …
  • • Good family pet. …
  • • Loyal companion. …
  • • Courageous. …
  • • Affectionate and gentle. …
  • • Loyal and fiercely protective of owner. …
  • • Possesses patience intelligence and gentleness.

What 4 features are common to all Chordata?

In chordates four common features appear at some point during development: a notochord a dorsal hollow nerve cord pharyngeal slits and a post-anal tail.

Which of the following is common in annelids and arthropods?

Both Annelida and Arthropoda share many features. Both are triploblastic animals with bilateral symmetry. Both consist of a segmented body. Both Annelida and Arthropoda consist of a hydrostatic skeleton.

How are echinoderms and arthropods alike?

Are arthropod and echinoderm skeletons similar? Arthropod and echinoderm skeletons are very similar. Sea stars can stick their stomachs out through their mouths to aid feeding. Early embryological features such as the fate of the blastopore can be the basis for major divisions in categorizing animals.

What do lampreys and hagfish have in common?

Lampreys and hagfishes have gill pouches for ventilation connected to the external environment by numerous holes or slits on the sides of the body and back of the head. These animals have a simple cartilaginous skeleton.

What are the differences between hagfish and lampreys?

Hagfish is an eel-like slime producing marine jawless fish while lamprey is an eel-like jawless fish that lives in coastal and freshwaters. Hagfish does not possess vertebra while lamprey has vertebra. Hence hagfish is not considered as a vertebrate while lamprey is a vertebrate.

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Do hagfish have fins?

Eel-like in shape hagfishes are scaleless soft-skinned creatures with paired thick barbels on the end of the snout. … Primitive vertebrates hagfishes have a tail fin (but no paired fins) and no jaws or bones.

Do hagfish have scales?

Hagfishes have no fins or scales—flat rigid plates that act as body covering. They do not have jaws but have two raspy or rough biting plates.

Do hagfish have gills?

Hagfish take in water through their nasopharyngeal duct which leads to their pharynx and gill pouches. Different species have between 5 and 15 pairs of gills. Hagfish also have a well-developed network of capillaries in their skin which might allow them to “breathe” through their skin when buried in mud.

Are hagfish carnivores?

Hagfish are scavengers and parasitic with a carnivorous diet. They prefer to feed on or parasitize live prey although they will scavenge on dead or dying creatures when given the opportunity.

How are chordates and vertebrates related?

As chordates vertebrates have the same common features: a notochord a dorsal hollow nerve cord pharyngeal slits and a post-anal tail. Vertebrates are further differentiated from chordates by their vertebral column which forms when their notochord develops into the column of bony vertebrae separated by discs.

Why are echinoderms considered to be closely related to chordates than any other phylum?

Answer: Echinoderms are considered closer to chordates because like chordates they are deuterostomes where anal region develops earlier than the mouth region. They larva are also closer to protochordata.

Why are echinoderms more closely related to chordates than to other animal phyla?

Echinoderms and Chordates are more closely related to each other than they are to other animals because the coelom ( an open fluid-filled body cavity lined with tissues) found in the animals of this phylum is made from the digestive tube & the endoskeleton present in the body are composed of 95% of calcium carbonate …

Which phylum includes animals that lack tissue Brainly?

Sponges lack true tissues have no body symmetry and are sessile types are classified based on presence and composition of spicules.

What are the 9 phylum?

There are 36 recognized animal phyla of which but nine (Mollusca Porifera Cnidaria Platyhelminthes Nematoda Annelida Arthropoda Echinodermata and Chordata) contain the vast majority of described extant species.

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How do you determine the phylum of an animal?

At its most basic a phylum can be defined in two ways: as a group of organisms with a certain degree of morphological or developmental similarity (the phenetic definition) or a group of organisms with a certain degree of evolutionary relatedness (the phylogenetic definition).

What do echinoderms have in common?

All echinoderms have one thing in common: radial symmetry. This means that the creatures have appendages (or body construction) which point outward from the center of the body like the spokes on a bicycle wheel. Furthermore these appendages usually occur in multiples of five although there are a few exceptions.

Do echinoderms have scales?

They do not have gills scales or fins. Sea stars live only in saltwater. … Sea stars are related to sand dollars sea urchins and sea cucumbers all of which are echinoderms meaning that they have five-point radial symmetry.

Which of the following are characteristics of echinoderms?

Characteristics of Echinodermata
  • They have a star-like appearance and are spherical or elongated.
  • They are exclusively marine animals.
  • The organisms are spiny-skinned.
  • They exhibit organ system level of organization. …
  • They are triploblastic and have a coelomic cavity.
  • The skeleton is made up of calcium carbonate.

Which is closely related to the hagfish?

Using fossil data paleontologists posited that lampreys are more closely related to gnathostomes than hagfish.

Why can’t amphibians survive far from water?

Why can’t amphibians survive far from water? … They do not have any lungs and cannot breathe out of the water. Their eggs do not have an amnion which prevents them from drying out. Their limbs are too weak to support their weight on land.

What characteristic do all tetrapods share?

One of the key characteristics of tetrapods is that they have four limbs or if they lack four limbs their ancestors had four limbs.

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