What Are The Coordinates Of Cape Town South Africa

What is the latitude and longitude of Cape Town South Africa in decimal degrees?

Cape Town South Africa Lat Long Coordinates Info
Country South Africa
Latitude -33.918861
Longitude 18.423300
DMS Lat 33° 55′ 7.8996” S
DMS Long 18° 25′ 23.8800” E

What are the coordinates of South Africa?

30.5595° S 22.9375° E

What are the coordinates for Africa?

8.7832° S 34.5085° E

Where is Cape Town South Africa on the map?

As shown in the given Cape Town location map that Cape Town is located in the south-western region of the country. Cape Town is located at latitude 33.55° S and longitude 18.25° E.

Cape Town Facts and Information.
Port Port of Cape Town
Website www.capetown.gov.za

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How many meters above sea level is Cape Town?

1 590.4 m

Cape Town
Cape Town Kaapstad (Afrikaans) iKapa (Xhosa)
Highest elevation 1 590.4 m (5 217.8 ft)
Lowest elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 3 740 026

What are the coordinates of Nairobi Kenya?

1.2921° S 36.8219° E

What country is Cape Town in?

South Africa
Cape Town city and seaport legislative capital of South Africa and capital of Western Cape province.

What country is at 50n 4e?


Style Lambic
Country Belgium
Color blond
Style lambic – Fruit
Appearance Misty in appearance with an orange colour topped with a delicate white head.

What continent is Cape Town in?


Which are the three important latitude that pass through Africa?

Africa is the only continent through which the all three important parallels of latitudes (Tropic of Cancer the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn) pass.

What is the coordinates for China?

35.8617° N 104.1954° E

Which are lines of latitude?

Latitude lines are geographical coordinates that are used to specify the north and south sides of the Earth. Lines of latitude also called parallels run from east to west in circles parallel to the equator. They run perpendicular to the lines of longitude which run from the north to the south.

What is the capital of Cape Town?

South Africa has three capital cities: executive Pretoria judicial Bloemfontein and legislative Cape Town.

South Africa.
Republic of South Africa show 10 other official names
Capital Pretoria (executive) Cape Town (legislative) Bloemfontein (judicial)
Largest city Johannesburg

Why is Cape Town called Mother City?

Cape Town is the original city of South Africa and was established in 1652 as a refueling station for ships bounds for the East (the Spice Route). The city is often referred to as the Mother of South Africa because it gave birth to civilisation.

How big is Cape Town?

400.3 km²

What is the population of Cape Town 2021?

4 710 000

The current metro area population of Cape Town in 2021 is 4 710 000 a 1.99% increase from 2020.

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Who built Cape Town?

Jan van Riebeeck

Jan van Riebeeck in full Jan Anthoniszoon Van Riebeeck (born April 21 1619 Culemborg Netherlands—died January 18 1677 Batavia Dutch East Indies [now Jakarta Indonesia]) Dutch colonial administrator who founded (1652) Cape Town and thus opened Southern Africa for white settlement.

Is Cape Town large or small?

The City of Cape Town is a large urban area with a high population density an intense movement of people goods and services extensive development and multiple business districts and industrial areas.

What is the coordinates of Bujumbura Burundi?

3.3614° S 29.3599° E

What is the coordinates of Beijing?

39.9042° N 116.4074° E

What are the coordinates of Kenya?

0.0236° S 37.9062° E

Who owns Capetown?

Cape Town City F.C. (2016)
Full name Cape Town City Football Club
Capacity 55 000
Owner Michel Comitis John Comitis
Head coach Eric Tinkler
League DStv Premiership

What food is Cape Town known for?

The foodie capital of South Africa Cape Town’s flavoursome cuisine reflects its rich cultural heritage while its award-winning wines deserve a toast
  • Meat on a braai.
  • Boerewors on braai.
  • Biltong.
  • Gatsby sandwich.
  • Bobotie and yellow rice.
  • Malva pudding with vanilla ice cream.
  • Roibos tea on white wooden board.

How do u say hello in South Africa?

Predominantly spoken in KwaZulu-Natal Zulu is understood by at least 50% of South Africans.
  1. Hello! – Sawubona! ( …
  2. Hello! – Molo (to one) / Molweni (to many) …
  3. Hello! – Haai! / Hallo! …
  4. Hello – Dumela (to one) / Dumelang (to many) …
  5. Hello – Dumela. …
  6. Hello – Dumela (to one) / Dumelang (to many) …
  7. Hello – Avuxeni. …
  8. Hello – Sawubona.

Where is 40 N 77?

What city is 40 degrees north 77 degrees west? The town of East Berlin (photo #5) is a small rural town located about 12 miles west of York PA (a former capital of the United States).

What country is 36 N 140 E?

Explanation: If you look world map you can see this is city of Tokyo in Japan.

What major city is near 50 N 4 E?

The time corresponding to 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time is also included for each city.

Major Cities: Latitude Longitude and Corresponding Time Zones.
City Lyons France
Latitude 45 N
Longitude 4
50 E
Time 6:00 p.m.

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Is Cape Town bigger than Johannesburg?

South Africa is the sixth African country with the largest population counting approximately 60 million individuals as of 2020.

Largest cities in South Africa in 2021 by number of inhabitants (in 1 000s)
Characteristic Number of inhabitants in thousands
Cape Town 3 433
Durban 3 120
Johannesburg 2 026
Soweto 1 695

How many black people are in Western Cape?

It is the fourth largest of the nine provinces with an area of 129 449 square kilometres (49 981 sq mi) and the third most populous with an estimated 7 million inhabitants in 2020.

Western Cape.
Wes-Kaap (Afrikaans) iNtshona-Kapa (Xhosa) Western Cape
Ethnic groups (2011) 50% Coloured 32% Black 17% White 1% Indian or Asian

What is the meaning of Cape Town?

legislative capital

Cape Town in British English

noun. the legislative capital of South Africa and capital of Western Cape province situated in the southwest on Table Bay: founded in 1652 the first White settlement in southern Africa important port.

Which is the smallest country in Africa?


Seychelles is the smallest country in Africa overall with the Gambia being the smallest in continental Africa.

What are the 3 largest countries in Africa?

Largest Countries In Africa 2021
Rank Country Area
1 Algeria 2 381 741 km²
2 Dr Congo 2 344 858 km²
3 Sudan 1 886 068 km²
4 Libya 1 759 540 km²

What is the name of the imaginary line that passes through Africa?

The Equator passed through a total of seven countries in Africa. Starting from the west to east these countries are: the island country of São Tomé and Príncipe Gabon Republic of Congo the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Uganda Kenya and Somalia.

What are the coordinates of the USA?

37.0902° N 95.7129° W

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