How To Get To Cocos Islands

How To Get To Cocos Islands?

There are many ways to travel to the exotic Cocos Keeling Islands including flying with Virgin Australia using your private jet or the more traditional way sailing to Cocos. Virgin Australia operates two services per week to the Cocos Keeling Islands one on Tuesday and one on Saturday.

Do you need a passport to go to Cocos Island?

Having to get a visa to Cocos Islands takes all the fun out of traveling. Passports and visas are not required when travelling from the Australian mainland. However photographic identification must be produced for clearance through Customs and Immigration.

Do you need a car on Cocos Island?

There is a bus ($2) between the settlement and jetty (access to home and direction island) every few hours or so. Hire a car from Cocos Autos Rental as this is the main car rental on the island book in advance as you can find that some days no hire cars are available (some of the locals also hire from these guys).

What days can you fly to Cocos Island?

Getting to cocos. All flights to Cocos Island depart from the Perth International Airport. Virgin Australia Airlines have restructured flight schedules to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands as of the 15th October 2018. Virgin Australia Regional Airlines are now flying to the Cocos twice a week – on Tuesday and Friday.

Can you sail to Cocos Island?

For most yachties Cocos is their last stop before sailing across the Indian Ocean towards the African continent. For yachting services including laundry fuel mail forwarding pre-ordered parts and equipment please contact Cocos Yachting Services. …

How do you get to Cocos Island from Malaysia?

The best way to get from Malaysia to Cocos Islands without a car is to bus and ferry which takes 2 days 0h and costs RM 260 – RM 340.

Is Cocos Island part of WA?

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands remain constitutionally distinct from Western Australia however the power of the state to legislate for the territory is a power delegated by the federal government.

Can you swim at Cocos Island?

Cocos has several sandy beaches that are great for swimming. Cocos Island’s most famous beach is at Direction Island just recently awarded Number 1 beach in Australia by Tourism Australia and given the name Cossie’s beach after Peter Cosgrove’s visit to the Islands.

When should I go to Cocos Island?

You can expect to see less rain and wind during the Doldrums season December – January in particular. Whereas higher rainfall typically occurs during March through to July. If kitesurfing is your thing this is the best time to journey over to Cocos as it’s also our Trade Wind season!

Is there Internet on Cocos Island?

Internet Access

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Hotspots are located at most accommodation providers the Community Resource Centre The Cocos Club The Donga Saltmakers Cafe Salties Cafe on Home Island (next to Shire office) Trannies Beach the Yacht Club and at the main shelter on Direction Island.

How do you get to Cocos Island from Singapore?

The best way to get from Singapore to Cocos Islands without a car is to ferry which takes 37h 1m and costs $55 – $70. How long does it take to get from Singapore to Cocos Islands? It takes approximately 4h 37m to get from Singapore to Cocos Islands including transfers.

Who lives on Cocos Islands?

Some four-fifths of the population—Cocos Islanders or Cocos Malays as they are often called together with the descendants of the Clunies-Ross family—live on Home Island. Most of the Cocos Malays speak a dialect of Malay and are Muslim.

Where is Cocos Island located?

Situated 2750 kms northwest of Perth Western Australia and 900km from Christmas Island the Cocos Keeling Islands are a group of coral islands that form two atolls.

How do I get to Christmas Island from Malaysia?

Yes Malaysians need an Australian visa to visit Christmas Island. The visa can be obtained at the Australian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and is the same visa that is required for entry into Australia. Please note that you should get your Australian visa done before booking your flight or tour package to Christmas Island.

How do I get to Christmas Island?

To get to Christmas Island you’ll need to fly in from Perth or Fiji. (Virgin Australia runs flights twice a week from the former and Fiji Airways once a week from the latter.) Luckily if you’re flying in from either of those places no visa is required to enter Christmas Island.

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Can I stay on Cocos Island?

Oceania House is the ONLY available accommodation on Home Island. Enjoy your stay at the heritage listed house of the former rulers of the Cocos Islands.

Which country owns Coco Island?

The Coco Islands (Burmese: ကိုကိုးကျွန်း) are a small group of islands in the northeastern Bay of Bengal. They are part of the Yangon Region of Myanmar. The islands are located 414 km (257 mi) south of the city of Yangon.

Coco Islands.
Native name: ကိုကိုးကျွန်း
Highest elevation 112 m (367 ft)
Region Yangon

Who owns the Cocos Keeling Islands?

the Australian Government

The Territory is now administered by the Australian Government. Today there are about 470 Cocos-Malay people living in the kampong on Home Island.

Are there sharks at Cocos Keeling islands?

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands lie within the distribution zones of both Indian and Pacific Ocean fish species. … Several shark species can be seen in and around the Cocos (Keeling) Islands including migrating whale sharks (Rhinocodon typus).

Does Telstra Work on Cocos Island?

Contact CRC on [email protected] to pre-arrange. Example image below is an iPhone XS with a Telstra eSIM on the Cocos 4G network. Telstra mobile calls & SMS are possible over the Cocos 4G network. Telstra have announced that WiFi SMS is now available.

Is there mobile reception on Cocos Island?

Will my mobile phone work on Cocos? – By enabling WiFi calling on your mobile phone you may make and receive calls (provided you are connected to WiFi). … The CRC recommends disabling software updates or iCloud to reduce data use while you are on Cocos. At times Virgin Australia may arrive outside of opening hours.

Does Australia own Cocos islands?

The people of the Cocos Keeling Islands voted to become part of Australia in 1984. The remote atoll is now an internationally significant habitat for wildlife … and a faraway paradise for tourists seeking something a little bit different.

Is there a gym on Cocos Island?

They are: West Island Playground and Outdoor Gym and Home Island Playground. The Shire would like to thank the IOT Administrator Mr.

Why is Cocos Island called Keeling?

Cocos refers to the abundant coconut trees while Keeling is William Keeling who discovered the islands in 1609. John Clunies-Ross who sailed there in the Borneo in 1825 called the group the Borneo Coral Isles restricting Keeling to North Keeling and calling South Keeling “the Cocos properly so called”.

What is the capital of Cocos Island?

West Island

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How far is Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica?

550 km

Cocos Island National Park located 550 km off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the only island in the tropical eastern Pacific with a tropical rainforest.

Is Christmas Island open to tourists?

Christmas Island is currently closed to travellers from ACT NSW & VIC. … It is important to note that the Indian Ocean Territories (IOTs) of Christmas Island and the Cocos Keeling Islands remain in a State of Emergency and ALL travellers to the IOTs are required to apply for travel to each island.

Is Christmas Island Expensive?

Christmas Island may not be high on the tourist radar its expensive to get to accommodation is also expensive but its unique in its own right. Randomly placed in the Indian ocean not too far from Indonesia its a great spot over for yachties.

What is the best time to visit Christmas Island?

The best time to visit Christmas Island is from July to October since it is the least rainy and the sunniest period of the year in particular the months of August and September stand out as the driest.

Was Myanmar a part of India?

Myanmar (formerly Burma) was made a province of British India by British rulers and again separated in 1937.

Who owns preparis Island?

Preparis Island is part of the Yangon Region of Myanmar. Together with the other Andaman Islands (the majority of which are a union territory of India) it marks the boundary between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

How many island Do India have?

This is a partial list of islands of India. There are a total of 1 382 islands (including uninhabited ones) in India.

How do you get to Coco Island GPO?

To get to Coco Island you must start at Sphinx Island. This is the most simple and easiest way after you are at Sphinx Island sail North and keep a lookout and you will eventually see a small island this is Coco Island. If you have trouble spotting it turn up your graphics as much as possible.

Can I use my Australian phone on Norfolk Island?

Stay connected during your visit to Norfolk Island. The island is not part of the Australian mobile network so you will need to purchsae a local SIM card to use your mobile phone. Global roaming is also available for many Telstra Optus and Vodafone customers – check with your provider before you come.

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