Fallout 3 How To Get To Museum Of Technology

How do you get to the Museum of Technology in Fallout 3?

The Museum of Technology is a building in the ruins of Washington D.C. on the southern side of The Mall. It is only a short distance away from the eastern Museum station metro exit.

How do you get to Dupont station in Fallout 3?

To get to Dupont Circle you either have to sneak out the backdoor of the Galaxy News Radio building and go through collapsed car tunnel or go through one of the many Metro tunnels.

How do you get to Rivet City?

Rivet City lies in the most southeastern part of the map near Anacostia. It can be reached by following the eastern side of the Potomac River crossing near the tepid sewers or at the Citadel or by swimming across from Arlington Library. It is also a short walk from the Jefferson Memorial.

How do I start Jiggs loot?

On the PC use the console and click the body (or body part). When Prime comes up at the top of the screen type ‘resurrect’ and hit enter. Exit the console and blow his head apart and voila – all the original loot.

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What’s in Hamilton’s Hideaway?

The cave itself is populated with variants of radscorpions radroaches two or three raiders and even a giant radscorpion near the raider hideout. Outside the cave random enemies may spawn mostly mole rats and mirelurks.

Where is the communications relay dish?

the Washington Monument
Install the communication relay dish at the top of the Washington Monument.Jan 30 2009

Where are the dry sewers in Fallout 3?

Dupont Circle
The dry sewer is a sewer system that can be reached from Dupont Circle. It is one path to Our Lady of Hope Hospital in the Reilly’s Rangers quest.

Where can I find a home for Bryan Wilks?

Find a place for Bryan Wilks to stay. First talk to Bryan and tell him about his father’s fate and the fire ants. He is located in the Pulowski Preservation shelter to the right of the diner in Grayditch. The player character is then given the option of helping him find a place to live.

Can you swim to Rivet City?

You will need to find a way to cross this river either by bridge or by simply swimming across. If you cross by bridge keep an eye out for landmines as they can deal a ton of damage. Swimming across the river will inflict radiation.

How do you get into the Jefferson Memorial in Fallout 3?

The entrance to the memorial is through the gift shop doors on either side of the platform.

How do I get the Jiggs loot quest?

Where is the gun locker in the Museum of Technology?

Location. The note is added to the Lone Wanderer’s Pip-Boy after reading the Security Bulletin 002 on the Museum of Tech Security terminal located on the counter of the Security Room in the Museum of Technology West Wing.

Where is the ghoul city in Fallout 3?

the Museum of History
Exterior. A ghoul named Willow patrols the exterior of the Museum of History. The entrance to Underworld is located within the Museum of History beneath a giant skull. A Brotherhood of Steel outpost is located nearby the museum and there are super mutants across the road at The Mall.

How many sugar bombs does Murphy need?

It is a repeatable quest. In the Northwest Seneca Station you can bring Sugar Bombs to Murphy for 15 caps a piece or double if you pass a speech check. After bringing in eight boxes of Sugar Bombs Murphy will sell you Ultrajet for seventy caps a new type of Jet.

Where is the family hiding in Fallout 3?

Meresti Metro station

Locate the Family

The Family resides in the Meresti Metro station which can be reached easiest via the tunnels under the Meresti trainyard or much more inconveniently through the tunnels found under the radioactive barrels in the back of Murphy’s place in Northwest Seneca Station.

Where is North Seneca Metro?

Seneca station (Buffalo Metro Rail)
Preceding station NFTA
Erie Canal Harbor toward Special Events Metro Rail

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How do you retrieve the communications relay dish in Fallout 3?

Retrieve the Communication Relay Dish

Inside the Museum of Technology one will need to find the Virgo II lunar lander which is located in the west wing of the building. The player character can obtain this information from a terminal in the atrium to the right of the entrance when one comes in.

Who is the DJ for the Galaxy News Radio?

Three Dog
Three Dog is the radio host DJ and news anchor of the Galaxy News Radio station in the Capital Wasteland in 2277 playing music that would have been heard on the radio in the years leading up to the Great War as well as the immediate post-War era.

How do I get to GNR radio?

The Galaxy News Radio building and GNR plaza are located in the Chevy Chase district. The first and easiest way there is to find Farragut West station and go through the utility tunnels. After a brief fight with some ghouls the Lone Wanderer should find themselves in the Tenleytown/Friendship station tunnels.

Where is the Statesman Hotel Fallout 3?

Vernon Square
The Statesman Hotel is a twelve-story building in Vernon Square in the ruins of Washington D.C. To reach the majority of this building one must go through Our Lady of Hope Hospital and cross the fallen radio mast.

Where can I use William brandice key?

Search him thoroughly and you’ll find a Laser Pistol some Energy Cells and other goods. But most importantly you’ll find William Brandice’s Key which you can use to open up a locked box back at his house in Grayditch.

Can you adopt Fallout 3?

You can adopt him starting at quest stage 60 when looking for a place to live. You can also adopt him after you’ve placed him in a home if you’ve done this in a saved game already but not if you sold him to Paradise Falls. His new dialogue is voiced using vanilla kid voices.

How do I get the Declaration of Independence in Fallout 3?

The Declaration of Independence is an item found in the ruins of D. C’s National Archives. It can be recovered by the Lone Wanderer for the Rivet City historian Abraham Washington.

Should I warn Harkness or tell Zimmer?

To get both rewards without risking Harkness’ memory tell him who he is and ask what he plans to do about Zimmer. Before choosing any other dialogue option offer to kill Zimmer. Harkness will hand the Lone Wanderer his trusty A3-21’s plasma rifle and the player character will earn good Karma.

How do I get Dukovs key?

One copy of Duck and Cover! in the raider camp south of the building. Dukov’s special key can be found on his corpse. Another way to get Dukov’s key is to convince Cherry or Fantasia to retrieve it. 183 empty whiskey bottles the largest amount in a single section of the game.

Can’t tell Harkness He’s an android?

Quick Walkthrough
  1. Convince Harkness that he is an android. To do this you need proof from either Pinkerton or Doctor Preston.
  2. Tell Zimmer that Harkness is the android.
  3. Show Zimmer the android component obtained from Victoria Watts and convince him the android is dead.

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What happens if you start the purifier Fallout 3?

Final choices. Now the game has the player character make one final decision: who will activate the purifier. The radiation levels are fatal once the purifier is activated so whoever goes in isn’t coming out (RadAway Rad-X and Radiation Resistance have no effect on one’s survival as it is a cut-scene).

How do you turn on the power in the Jefferson Memorial in Fallout 3?

Head through the Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop and reach the Memorial Sub-basement. Once there head to the southern-most part of the level to find the Flood Control Power Switch on a wall near an intercom.

How do I gain access to Vault 112?

Gain access to Vault 112

Once inside head past the front desk and into the back room which is infested with radroaches and mole rats. One will find a switch located on the wall to their left that operates a large hole in the floor. Activate the switch and the door will open.

How do I get to Evergreen Mills in Fallout 3?

Evergreen Mills features a large outdoor area that is nestled in a small valley. Other than by dropping down from the valley’s ledges it can only be reached by following a set of train tracks that enter the valley from the east.

Where is the National Archives Fallout 3?

The Mall
The National Archives is in the northeast part of The Mall. It’s east of Museum of History and north of Museum of Technology (and their corresponding Museum station exits) across The Mall’s battlefield.

How do I get to the Museum of History in Fallout 3?

The Museum of History can be accessed through the metro. One route is via Anacostia Crossing following the tracks into Museum Station. The museum is on the north side of the Mall north and a little east of the Washington Monument. Its east and west wings straddle the Museum station western exit.

Where is the Lincoln Memorial in Fallout 3?

It is located on the western end of the National Mall in Washington D.C. across from the Washington Monument.

What does Hancock like?

Hancock likes Cait MacCready Nick Valentine Codsworth Curie and Strong he is neutral with Dogmeat Preston Garvey Piper and X6-88 and he dislikes Deacon and Danse.

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