Where Exactly Is Fiji Located

Where Exactly Is Fiji Located?

South Pacific Ocean

What country does Fiji belong to?

Called the Republic of Fiji officially it is located in an area known as Melanesia. As an island country Fiji is surrounded by bodies of water in every direction.

Population and Density.
Official Name Republic of Fiji
Lat/Long -18° 175°
Continent Oceania
Region Oceania
Subregion Melanesia

Is Fiji an African country?

Fiji is a country and an archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean and is part of the continent of Oceania. The country comprises of 333 islands and 522 small islets covering a total area of 75 000 sq miles.

Is Fiji a part of Australia?

Fiji became independent in 1970 after nearly a century as a British colony.

Does America Own Fiji?

The United States recognized Fiji’s independence on October 10 1970 in a statement by Charles W. Yost U.S. Representative in the UN Security Council. Fiji became independent from the British Commonwealth on that date.

What religion is in Fiji?

Religiously Fiji is a mixed society with most people being Christian (64.4% of the population) with a sizable Hindu (27.9%) and Muslim (6.3%) minority according to the 2007 census.

Is Fiji close to Hawaii?

The distance from Hawaii to Fiji islands is just under a seven-hour flight a little over 3 100 miles. You’ll have to head southwest and depending on which island you choose to visit you may have to cross the International Date Line.

Which is better Fiji or Bora Bora?

When it comes to cost and other worldly scuba diving Fiji is the most effective choice. However if you want overwater bungalows and adventure on the island Bora Bora is a great choice.

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Is it safe to go to Fiji?

Fiji is generally a safe place to travel. However visitors to Fiji may fall victim to petty crimes such as theft or ATM skimming. Avoid walking alone at night in urban areas particularly downtown Suva lock your car if you have one and keep expensive valuables out of sight.

What currency is used in Fiji?

The Fiji Dollar (FJD) is the official currency of Fiji. The symbol for it is the dollar sign. The symbol FJ$ is used to distinguish the Fiji Dollar from the US Dollar. The FJD is subdivided into 100 cents.

What is the population of Fiji in 2021?

The current population of Fiji is 905 495 as of Wednesday November 24 2021 based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

What is the climate in Fiji?

Fiji’s Climate

Mild and pleasant temperatures of around 25-30 degrees celsius (77-86 degrees farenheit) are common in any given month. The weather does get just a bit cooler during the months of July and August which are considered winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

What food is popular in Fiji?

  • Kokoda (Fijian raw fish salad) Source: Photo by user yuko_ppp2501 used under CC BY 2.0. …
  • Lovo (a banquet cooked using an earth oven) …
  • Duruka (Fijian asparagus) …
  • Taro (a yam-like staple of Fijian cuisine) …
  • Nama (Fijian sea grapes) …
  • Roti (flatbread) …
  • Topoi (Fijian dumplings) …
  • Fish Suruwa (fish curry)

How do you say hello in Fiji?

Bula: Pronounced ‘boo-lah’ it is by far the most common greeting. It means ‘hello’ but can also be used in a number of permutations as shown below. Ni sa bula/Ni sa bula Vinaka: The first can be used as a more formal greeting.

Do I need a passport to go to Fiji?

Entry Exit and Visa Requirements

To enter Fiji you will need: A passport valid for at least six months after your scheduled departure date from Fiji. Proof that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Fiji. Onward or return ticket.

Is Fiji a third world country?

Originally coined by French historian Alfred Sauvy in 1952 “Third World” was part of the “three worlds” label system used to describe a country’s political alliances.

Third World Countries 2021.
Country Human Development Index 2021 Population
Jordan 0.735 10 269 021
Tunisia 0.735 11 935 766
Dominican Republic 0.736 10 953 703
Fiji 0.741 902 906

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What race are Fijian?

Although the indigenous Fijian people are usually classified as ethnically Melanesian their social and political organization is closer to that of Polynesia and there has been a high level of intermarriage between Fijians from the Lau group of islands of eastern Fiji and the neighbouring Polynesian islands of Tonga.

Do they speak English in Fiji?

Fiji has three official languages under the 1997 constitution (and not revoked by the 2013 Constitution): English Fijian and Hindi. The Fijian language is spoken as the first language by most indigenous Fijians who make up around 54% of the population.

What percentage of Fiji is Indian?


The 2017 census found that the permanent population of Fiji was 884 887 compared to 837 271 in the 2007 census.
Demographics of Fiji
Nationality noun Fijian(s) adj. Fijian
Major ethnic 56.8% Itaukei (2007 est.)
Minor ethnic 37.5% Indian 1.2% Rotuman (2007 est.)

Is Fiji cheap or expensive?

Fiji is an expensive country to travel around – even for travelers who are budget-savvy. If you want to island-hop to Fiji’s outer islands there are typically only a handful of backpacker resorts to stay at per island.

Which is cheaper Fiji or Hawaii?

Regarding which is cheaper both can be done on a budget. However Fiji is probably slightly cheaper in terms of accommodation and food. This island also has several upmarket resorts with stunning romantic overwater bungalows.

What is Fiji known for?

Famous for its friendly people and heavenly tropical islands Fiji is the quintessential South Pacific paradise. … Suva on the largest island of Viti Levu is the capital. Nadi on the western side of the island is Fiji’s main international gateway and lies near the large resorts of the Coral Coast and Denarau Island.

How long is a flight from California to Fiji?

Fiji Airways provide a non-stop service from Los Angeles to Fiji. Flight time is approximately 10.5 hours gate to gate.

Which is nicer Tahiti or Fiji?

As vacation destinations go you can’t get much better than either. However if you’re looking for spectacular scenery then Tahiti wins over Fiji. The dramatic mountain peaks on Tahiti and its gorgeous turquoise lagoons are breathtaking – even more so on neighboring islands like Bora Bora .

Does Fiji have an airport?

There are two international airports in Fiji making it quite easy for flights from around the world to land at this island nation. Nadi International Airport is the main international airport serving the Republic of Fiji. It is also the regional hub for South Pacific Islands.

What is illegal in Fiji?

Firearms — Guns are illegal in Fiji and persons found with them could be fined severely and sentenced to jail. Gambling — Fiji has no casinos but you can play the local lottery. Healthcare — Medical and dental care in Fiji are not up to the standards common in the industrialized world.

What’s the drinking age in Fiji?


Drinking Age By Country 2021
Country On Premise Drinking Age Off Premise Drinking Age
Fiji 18 18
Eswatini 18 18
Mauritius 18 18
Estonia 18 18

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Is it expensive to live in Fiji?

Fiji is affordable. The cost of living in Fiji is 25.53% lower than in Canada and 60% lower than in Australia (All figures Dec. … The USD is worth twice the value of the Fiji dollar making the cost of living in Fiji almost 50% lower than in the USA.

Is Fiji a poor country?

Poverty Data: Fiji. In Fiji 29.9% of the population lives below the national poverty line in 2019. In 2019 100% has access to electricity in Fiji.

Who is the most famous person in Fiji?

Famous people from Fiji
  • Jimmy Snuka. Wrestler. …
  • Craig Parker. Actor. …
  • Lote Tuqiri. Rugby Player. …
  • Jimmy Reiher Jr. Wrestler. …
  • Frank Bainimarama. Politician. …
  • Don Dunstan. Politician. …
  • Waisale Serevi. Coach. …
  • Rupeni Caucaunibuca. Athlete.

How can I get a job in Fiji?

Browse online job boards such as South Pacific Employment Learn4Good and Careerjet. Use LinkedIn to network with individuals who are living and working in Fiji and to find individuals who might be able to connect you with an employer who is interested in hiring you.

What is the currency of Fiji in 2021?

The Fijian dollar is used throughout all of Fiji’s islands. Whether you’re travelling on a budget or looking to live like a king Fiji offers the best of both worlds. Cash and credit cards are accepted in big cities like Suva but smaller villages rely on cash.

What fruit is on the flag of Fiji?

The current flag of Fiji first flown on 10 October 1970 has a light blue field with the British Union Jack in the upper left corner. On the right stands a shield depicting a red band across the top that features a lion holding a peeled coconut.Feb 3 2015

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