Where Does The Equator Cross Africa

Where Does The Equator Cross Africa?

The Equator passed through a total of seven countries in Africa. Starting from the west to east these countries are: the island country of São Tomé and Príncipe Gabon Republic of Congo the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Uganda Kenya and Somalia.The Equator passed through a total of seven countries in Africa. Starting from the west to east these countries are: the island country of São Tomé and Príncipe Gabon Republic of Congo the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Zaire (/zɑːˈɪər/ also UK: /zaɪˈɪər/) officially the Republic of Zaire (French: République du Zaïre [ʁepyblik dy zaiʁ]) was the name of a sovereign state between 1971 and 1997 in Central Africa that was previously and is now again known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Does the Equator cross Africa yes or no?

The Equator passes through 13 countries: Ecuador Colombia Brazil Sao Tome & Principe Gabon Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Uganda Kenya Somalia Maldives Indonesia and Kiribati.

Which part of Africa is closest to the Equator?

Central Africa region of Africa that straddles the Equator and is drained largely by the Congo River system.

Which country in Africa with a coastline that is on the Equator?

Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: Guinea Ecuatorial French: Guinée équatoriale Portuguese: Guiné Equatorial) officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: República de Guinea Ecuatorial French: République de Guinée équatoriale Portuguese: República da Guiné Equatorial) is a country on the west coast of Central …

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What lake in Africa does the Equator cross?

Kenya Tanzania and Uganda share Lake Victoria. It is the worlds largest tropical lake and the second largest freshwater lake. Lake Victoria touches the Equator in its northern side.

What is the closest country to the equator?

The equator passes through the land of 11 countries and the seas of two others. It crosses land in São Tomé and Príncipe Gabon Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo Uganda Kenya Somalia Indonesia Ecuador Colombia and Brazil.

Where is the equator on earth?

0 degrees latitude
The Equator is the invisible line that runs around the center of the Earth at 0 degrees latitude. An equator is an imaginary line around the middle of a planet or other celestial body. It is halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole at 0 degrees latitude.Sep 6 2011

Is Ethiopia above the Equator?

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Ethiopia belongs to the Southern Hemisphere since the country is located to the south of Equator line is also part of the Eastern Hemisphere (east of the Greenwich meridian). Most of the national territory is located above 2 thousand meters of altitude.

How close is Africa to the Equator?

How far is South-Africa from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? South-Africa is 2 111.46 mi (3 398.06 km) south of the equator so it is located in the southern hemisphere. How far is it from South-Africa to the South Pole? From South-Africa to the South Pole it is 4 107.58 mi (6 610.52 km) in the north.

Where is the center of Africa?

The centre point is in the Democratic Republic of Congo again middle of uninhabited jungle. The point is about 115 kilometres southeast from the town of Kisangani. The nearest settlement of any size appears to be Babogombe 60 km west of the point.

How many countries of Africa are crossed by the Equator name the countries?

The seven countries in Africa the equator does run through include: Gabon Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) Uganda Kenya Somalia and Sao Torne and Principe.

Is Uganda near the Equator?

Geography – note: Uganda is one of six African states that lies on the equator. Most of Uganda is north of the equator.

What African countries are south of the Equator?

The UN subregion of Southern Africa consists of five countries in the southernmost part of the continent–Angola Botswana Lesotho Mozambique Namibia South Africa Swaziland Zambia Zimbabwe.

Where are the African Great Lakes located?

The African Great Lake region is likewise somewhat loose. It is used in a narrow sense for the area lying between northern Lake Tanganyika western Lake Victoria and lakes Kivu Edward and Albert. This comprises Burundi Rwanda northeastern D.R. Congo Uganda and northwestern Kenya and Tanzania.

What Borders Africa to the West?

Atlantic Ocean

The continent is bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean on the north by the Mediterranean Sea on the east by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean and on the south by the mingling waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc.

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Are there sharks in Lake Victoria Africa?

Victorian waters are home to at least seven varieties of sharks according to Fisheries Victoria. These include heavyweights like the seven-metre three-tonne great whites but also smaller relatives of the shark family like the iridescent elephant sharks that don’t grow past 1.5 metres.

What 2 countries are closest to the equator?

São Tomé and Principe. Gabon. Republic of the Congo. The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Is South Africa north of the equator?

South Africa is located entirely in the southern hemisphere. … The Southern Hemisphere is the half of the Earth south of the Equator and it contains at least part of five continents four oceans and several islands.

Which city lies on the equator?


The central square of Quito is located about 25 km (16 mi) south of the equator the city itself extends to within about 1 km (0.62 mi) of zero latitude.

Quito San Francisco de Quito
State Party Ecuador
Region Latin America and the Caribbean

Which country is at the center of the Earth?

EGYPT is the country located at the centre of the world. To pin point the exact location it is at the centre of the great pyramid (Khufu) on the Giza plateau. For more info on Egypt’s geographic attributes look it up in Encyclopedia Britannica.

Can you live on the Equator?

The equator itself crosses the land or territorial waters of 14 countries. If you live on the equator you will experience the quickest rates of sunrise and sunset in the world taking a matter of minutes. … While temperatures at the equator are very high there is one single point on the equator where you’ll find snow.

What country is north of the Equator?


It is equal distance from the North and South Poles. England is North of the Equator. Google maps to look at countries that are North of the Equator. Australia is South of the Equator.

What continent is Kenya in?


Where is Ethiopia in the Bible?

Psalms 68:31 – Princes shall come out of Egypt Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God. 2 Chronicles 14:9-15 – And there came out against them Zerah the Ethiopian with an host of a thousand thousand and three hundred chariots and came unto Mareshah.

Why does Ethiopia have no coastline?

ETHIOPIA became landlocked in 1992 when its Red Sea coast was lost to the new state of Eritrea. It lost access to its former ports soon afterwards. Since the outbreak of a vicious two-year war between the two countries in 1998 the Red Sea ports of Massawa and Assab have been off-limits to Ethiopian freight (see map).

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How far is the UK from the Equator?

Distance facts

How far is United-Kingdom from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? United-Kingdom is 3 826.26 mi (6 157.77 km) north of the equator so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

Which two continents are close to Africa?

The landmass nearest to Africa is Europe separated by the Mediterranean Sea only 9 miles across the Straight of Gibraltar. 5. Africa is the world’s second largest continent after Asia. 6.

What is the area to the north and south of the Equator called in Africa?

Equatorial Africa is an ambiguous term that sometimes is used to refer either to the equatorial region of Sub-Saharan Africa traversed by the Equator more broadly to tropical Africa or in a biological and geo-environmental sense to the intra-tropical African rainforest region.

Is Congo considered West Africa?

Central or Middle African countries (9) – Angola Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Congo Republic – Brazzaville Democratic Republic of Congo Equatorial Guinea Gabon and São Tomé & Principe. Southern Africa countries (5) – Botswana Lesotho Namibia South Africa and Swaziland.

Are there 54 or 55 countries in Africa?

48 countries share the area of mainland Africa plus six island nations are considered to be part of the continent. All in all there are 54 sovereign African countries and two disputed areas namely Somaliland (autonomous region of Somalia) and Western Sahara (occupied by Morocco and claimed by the Polisario).

What is the dead center of Africa?

Because of this distance from the sea and the country’s largely desert climate Chad is sometimes referred to as the “Dead Heart of Africa”.

Does equator pass through Tanzania?

The equator passes through the African countries of Gabon Congo the Democratic Republic of Congo Uganda Kenya and Somalia. It also passes through Lake Victoria. … Rwanda in east-central Africa is surrounded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo Uganda Tanzania and Burundi.

Does the equator run through Tanzania?

The latitude of Tanzania is 6.3690° S and the longitude is 34.8888° E. These points indicate that Tanzania is part of the southern and eastern hemispheres placing Tanzania beneath the equator.

Where does the equator pass in Kenya?

It divides the earth into the Northern and Southern hemisphere. In Kenya the Equator passes through Timboroa Nanyuki and Maseno.

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