What Two Continents Does The Equator Cross

What Two Continents Does The Equator Cross?

The equator passes through the continents of South America Africa and Asia.

Which 2 continents are spread on both sides of the equator?

Answer: The continent that lies on both sides of the equator in South America and Africa.

What are the only 2 continents totally north of the equator?

Answer and Explanation:

North American and Europe are the only two continents that are totally north of the Equator.

What 2 continents lie south of the equator?

Complete answer: The two continents which lie completely in the Southern hemisphere are Australia and Antarctica. a.

How many continents have land along the equator?

This geography fact also means that Africa is the only continent to have land both at the Equator and the Prime Meridian. These two maps show how the continent of Africa lies in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

What continent lies directly west of Asia?

Asia is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north the Pacific Ocean to the east the Indian Ocean to the south the Red Sea (as well as the inland seas of the Atlantic Ocean—the Mediterranean and the Black) to the southwest and Europe to the west.

What is Europe and Asia called together?

Eurasia is the name given to the combined land area of Europe and Asia.

Which three continents are north of the Equator?

The Northern Hemisphere is all of the earth lying north of the equator. Located completely in the Northern Hemisphere are North America & Europe. Partially located here are Africa Asia & South America.

What two continents are not in the Northern Hemisphere?

While large parts of South America Africa and Asia are located in the Southern Hemisphere the only two continents whose entire territory is south of the Equator are Australia and Antarctica.

Which continent does the Equator not pass through?

Equator doesn’t pass through Antarctica Europe and Australia.

Which continents are on the equator?

The EQUATOR cross through these continents: South America Africa and Asia.

Is Philippines near the equator?

GPS Coordinates and Borders of the Philippines

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The Philippines are located at a latitude of 14° 34′ 59.99″ N and a longitude of 121° 00′ 0.00″ E. … That said the Philippines is above the equator and part of the northern hemisphere. These GPS coordinates also place the Philippines in the eastern hemisphere.

Which two continents does the Prime Meridian cross?

Which continents does the Prime Meridian cross?
The prime meridian passes through what three continents? Europe Africa & Antarctica
The Pacific Ocean touches what 5 continents? North America South America Antarctica Asia & Australia
What imaginary line is at 0 degrees LATITUDE? Equator

What country touches all 4 hemispheres?


Kiribati consists of 32 atolls and one solitary island (Banaba) extending into the eastern and western hemispheres as well as the northern and southern hemispheres. It is the only country that is situated within all four hemispheres.

What continent is Australia?


Is Russia a continent?


Is Australia in Eurasia?

The continent has always been a method of dividing the planet into regions. It is obvious that Africa Australia and Antarctica are for the most part separate and distinct continents. … Nearly all of Eurasia sits upon the Eurasian Plate one of several large plates that cover our planet.

Is Eurasia a continent?


Which continents are in each hemisphere?

The Northern Hemisphere contains North America the northern part of South America Europe the northern two-thirds of Africa and most of Asia. The Southern Hemisphere contains most of South America one-third of Africa Australia Antarctica and some Asian islands.

Is Nigeria on the equator?

Nigeria is 690.93 mi (1 111.95 km) north of the equator so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

What countries are three continents?

There are contiguous transcontinental countries non-contiguous transcontinental countries and countries that may or may not be transcontinental based on one’s interpretation of what the continents are. Russia Kazakhstan Turkey and Egypt are contiguous transcontinental countries.

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What is the only continent in all 4 hemispheres?


The continents in the Eastern Hemisphere are Asia Australia and parts of Europe Africa and Antarctica. What continent is in all 4 hemispheres? The only continent in all four hemispheres is Africa.

What continent is south of all other continents?

Daily Geo Weeks 4-6
How many continents does the equator cross? What are those continents in order of of land area from largest to smallest? Three in order of size they are Asia Africa South America
Which continent is south of all other continents? Antarctica

Which two continents are located completely in the Southern Hemisphere?

Answer: Antarctica and Australia. South America is mostly in the Southern Hemisphere though the equator cuts through its northern tip.

Which countries Cross equator?

The Equator passes through 13 countries: Ecuador Colombia Brazil Sao Tome & Principe Gabon Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Uganda Kenya Somalia Maldives Indonesia and Kiribati. At least half of these countries rank among the poorest in the world.

Is the United States north of the Equator?

All 50 U.S. states are north of the Equator. The Equator is an imaginary line that divides the globe into northern and southern hemispheres.

Which country is not on the Equator?

The landmasses of Maldives and Kiribati however do not touch the equator itself.

Where does the equator cross Africa?

The lucky countries being crossed by the imaginary line in Africa include Gabon Democratic republic of Congo Kenya Uganda Somalia Principe and Sao Tome. Another equator marker is located in Kasese district of Uganda within Queen Elizabeth national park.

What continents touch Antarctica?

The nearest countries to Antarctica are South Africa Australia New Zealand Chile and Argentina. On Antarctica there are no cities or villages 98% of the continent is covered by ice. The map shows also the location of scientific research stations operated by various countries on the continent.

What 2 oceans touch the continent of Europe?

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Ocean Area Continents the Ocean Touches
Arctic 13 990 000 sq km sq km Asia Europe North America
Atlantic 106 400 000 sq km Africa Europe North America South America
Indian 73 560 000 sq km Africa Australia Asia
Pacific 165 250 000 sq km Asia Australia North America South America

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What is Philippines old name?

The Philippines were claimed in the name of Spain in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese explorer sailing for Spain who named the islands after King Philip II of Spain. They were then called Las Felipinas.

Who owns Philippines?

The Philippines was ruled under the Mexico-based Viceroyalty of New Spain. After this the colony was directly governed by Spain. Spanish rule ended in 1898 with Spain’s defeat in the Spanish–American War. The Philippines then became a territory of the United States.

How Philippines got its name?

The Philippines are named after King Philip II (1527-1598) of Spain. The country was discovered by the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 (while in Spanish service). Later tension arose between Portugal and Spain and in 1542 Spain re-claimed the islands for themselves naming them after its then king.

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