What Time Is It In Benin Africa

Is Benin safe?

Benin is considered a friendly and peaceful country and though its people really are nice and welcoming you should be aware of the fact that petty theft violent crimes and fraud as well as scams are rife in this country.

Is Benin a good place to live?

Benin is a small country situated under the elephant’s ear in West Africa. It is one of the safer countries in Africa especially when compared with its neighbor Nigeria. … If you are adventurous enough to experience African life as an expat this is one of the best countries to do it in.

How many time zones are there in Benin?

Time in Benin is given by a single time zone officially denoted as West Africa Time (WAT UTC+01:00). Benin adopted WAT on 1 January 1912 as French Dahomey and has never observed daylight saving time.

What is the capital of Benin?


Do they speak English in Benin?

A total of 55 languages are spoken in Benin with 50 being indigenous.
Languages of Benin
National Fon Yom Yoruba
Foreign English French Spanish Arabic Portuguese
Signed American Sign Language (Francophone African Sign Language)

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What language do they speak in Benin?


Is it expensive to live in Benin?

The cost of living in Benin is $650 which is 1.13 times less expensive than the world average. Benin ranked 130th out of 197 countries by cost of living and the 155th best country to live in. People here tend to spend their money in restaurants and Benin restaurants offer good food for reasonable prices.

What are the Benin beliefs?

Roman Catholicism is by far the largest religious group in Benin and is followed closely by Islam and Vodun.

Religious Beliefs In Benin.
Rank Belief System Share of Population in Benin
1 Roman Catholic Christianity 27%
2 Islam 24%
3 West African Vodun 17%
4 Protestantism and Other Forms of Non-Catholic Christianity 16%

How much does it cost to rent a house in Cotonou?

List of prices in Cotonou Current as of Nov 2021.
Food Update prices
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in expensive area 344 660 Franc
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area 216 079 Franc

What is the country code for Benin?


Where is Benin located?

Benin is located in West Africa and covers a land area Of 112 622 Sq. km. and constitutes a long stretch of hand perpendicular to the Coast of the Gulf of Guinea.

What is the time in West Africa?

West Africa Time or WAT is a time zone used in west-central Africa. West Africa Time is one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+01:00) which aligns it with Central European Time (CET) during winter and Western European Summer Time (WEST) / British Summer Time (BST) during summer.

Is Benin a rich or poor country?

Benin is a small mostly rural country on Africa’s west coast. It has nearly 11 million people and around half live on less than a dollar a day. The relatively new nation is among the world’s poorest countries.

What is voodoo in Benin?

Voodoo is completely normal in Benin. … The Voodoo spiritual world consists of Mahou the supreme being and about 100 divinities – or Voodoos – who represent different phenomena such as war and blacksmiths (Gou) illness healing and earth (Sakpata) storms lightning and justice (Heviosso) or water (Mami Wata).

What is Benin religion?

According to the 2013 census 48.5 percent of the population is Christian 27.7 percent is Muslim (mostly Sunni) 11.6 percent practice Voodoo 2.6 percent are members of indigenous religious groups 2.6 percent are members of other religious groups and 5.8 percent declare no religious affiliation.

How do you say hello in Benin language?

10 ways to say ‘hello’ to a Nigerian
  1. Kedu. This is the Ibo translation of “Hello”. …
  2. Bawo ni! If you have visited any Yoruba speaking area you may have heard this phrase used repeatedly. …
  3. Kóyo. This is used in Benin and neighboring communities.

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How does Benin make money?

The economy of Benin remains underdeveloped and dependent on subsistence agriculture and cotton. Cotton accounts for 40% of Benin’s GDP and roughly 80% of official export receipts. There is also production of textiles palm products and cocoa beans.

Who is a famous person in Benin?

Djimon Gaston Hounsou is a Beninese-born American actor and model. As an actor Hounsou has been nominated for two Academy Awards.

What is Benin famous for?

Benin City has long been famous for its “bronzes”—actually brass work some of which is said to date from the 13th century—and for its ivory and wood carvings. Its museum (1960) has a notable collection of some of the kingdom’s early pieces.

What is the most popular food in Benin?

Benin cuisine
  • Maize is the most common staple food in southern Benin.
  • Location of Benin.
  • Yams are the most common staple food in northern Benin.
  • Acarajé is peeled black-eyed peas formed into a ball and then deep-fried.
  • Aloko (fried plantain)
  • A plate of fufu (right) accompanied with peanut soup.

What is the Colour of Benin Republic flag?

national flag with horizontal stripes of yellow and red and at the hoist a vertical green stripe. It has a width-to-length ratio of 2 to 3.

How much is a loaf of bread in Ghana?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 542$ (3 325₵) without rent. Cost of living in Ghana is on average 46.88% lower than in United States.

Cost of Living in Ghana.
Restaurants Edit
Water (12 oz small bottle) 1.75₵
Markets Edit
Milk (regular) (1 gallon) 40.65₵
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 5.38₵

How much is a loaf of bread in USA?

Other Costs

A gallon of milk costs approximately $3.50 a loaf of bread is about $2.50 Rice is about $1 per pound and eggs are about $2.00 per dozen. Fresh produce costs quite a bit and will fluctuate depending on which fruits and vegetables are in season. Gas costs approximately $3.50 per gallon.

How much is a loaf of bread in Nigeria?

Average prices of selected food products in Nigeria as of September 2021 (in Naira)
Characteristic Prices in Nigerian Naira
Bread sliced 500g 384.73
Bread unsliced 500g 351.95
Broken rice (Ofada) 1kg 473.75
Catfish (Obokun) fresh 1kg 1 232.25

What is a person from Benin called?

The people of Benin (ethnic group) are called Bini or Edo. The citizens of the Republic of Benin are called Beninese.

Why do Edo people wear red?

This act symbolises a marriage proposal. … The use of red corals is then synonymous with marriage. The Edo and Igbo-speaking parts of Nigeria on their traditional wedding day adorn themselves with red corals.

Where did slaves from Benin go?

For over 200 years powerful kings in what is now the country of Benin captured and sold slaves to Portuguese French and British merchants. The slaves were usually men women and children from rival tribes — gagged and jammed into boats bound for Brazil Haiti and the United States.

Is Cotonou expensive?

Cotonou is 0.4% more expensive than Houston TX for groceries -14.9% cheaper for household costs than Kuala Lumpur and 28.2% more expensive for transport costs than Dubai.

Which airport is in Benin?


Benin Airport (IATA: BNI ICAO: DNBE) is an airport serving Benin City the capital of Edo State in Nigeria. The runway is in the middle of the city.
Benin Airport
Airport type Public
Owner/Operator Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria

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Is Benin an African country?

Benin officially Republic of Benin French République du Bénin formerly (until 1975) Dahomey or (1975–90) People’s Republic of Benin country of western Africa. … Benin is bordered to the northwest by Burkina Faso to the east by Nigeria and to the west by Togo.

How do I call Benin?

To call Benin from United States dial: 011 – 229 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 011 – 229 – 8 Digit Mobile Number.

Is Benin poor?

Though Benin has a relatively stable democratic government it remains one of the poorest countries in Africa. … Benin’s economy is vulnerable not only because it is based primarily on agriculture but also because re-export trade with Nigeria makes up roughly 20 percent of its GDP.

How many states does Benin Republic have?

twelve different

The African country of Benin is divided into twelve different states which are officially called “departments” in the Beninese system of…

What countries border Benin?

Benin officially the Republic of Benin and also known as Benin Republic is a country in Western Africa. It borders Togo to the west Nigeria to the east and Burkina Faso and Niger to the north its short coastline to the south leads to the Bight of Benin.

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