What Surface Feature Provides Evidence For The Location Of Hot Spots?

What type of plate boundary are hot spots associated with quizlet?

a string of islands formed by the volcanoes along a deep-ocean trench. A hot spot is an area where material from deep within the mantle rises and melts through the crust above it. Volcanoes that form along a mid-ocean ridge occur at a diverging plate boundary.

What landforms are most likely associated with hotspots?

In certain areas tectonic plates move over hot spots. Which landforms are most likely associated with these hot spots? evidence of sea floor spreading.

What surface feature is created when a plate move over a hot spot?

As a crustal tectonic plates move over hot spots mantle material upwells and erupts on the surface of the plate to form a volcano seamount or volcanic island.

What features at the surface provide evidence of plumes?

What features at the surface provide evidence of plumes? Hot spots provide evidence of plumes. How do plates move at divergent plate boundaries? … In general earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur at both divergent plate boundaries AND convergent plate boundaries.

Is a hot spot found at a plate boundary quizlet?

They are RARELY found at plate boundaries. … Tectonic plates slowly move over a hot spot. Volcanoes form on the lithosphere above the hot spot as hot magma melts through the lithosphere and erupts.

What are hotspots and where are they located?

A hot spot is an area on Earth over a mantle plume or an area under the rocky outer layer of Earth called the crust where magma is hotter than surrounding magma. The magma plume causes melting and thinning of the rocky crust and widespread volcanic activity.

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Where are hotspots found?

Hot spots are found in the ocean and on continents. Often the hot spot creates a chain of volcanoes as a plate moves across a relatively stationary mantle plume. The best example of a hot spot volcanic chain is the Hawaiian Islands.

Where do hot spots occur?

Earth > Power of Plate Tectonics > Hot Spots

A hot spot is an intensely hot area in the mantle below Earth’s crust. The heat that fuels the hot spot comes from very deep in the planet. This heat causes the mantle in that region to melt. The molten magma rises up and breaks through the crust to form a volcano.

Where are hot spot tracks found?

Pacific Ocean

The best examples of such “hot spot tracks” are found in the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific plate contains several linear belts of extinct submarine volcanoes called seamounts.

How do hotspots track plate movement?

Above the plumes you get hot spots where rock melts into magma. … It allowed them to track the movement of tectonic plates because as the plates moved over a stationary hot spot they left a trail or chain of old volcanoes behind them.

How are hotspots formed?

A hot spot is a region deep within the Earth’s mantle from which heat rises through the process of convection. This heat facilitates the melting of rock. The melted rock known as magma often pushes through cracks in the crust to form volcanoes. … Instead it occurs at abnormally hot centers known as mantle plumes.

How can hot spots leave evidence of plate motion quizlet?

Hot spots begin deep within the Earth perhaps as far down as the boundary between the core and the mantle. … Because hot spots remain in place they can be used to tell the direction of plate motion in the past as well as how fast the plates were moving.

What phenomenon is responsible for hot spot volcanoes mm?

Mantle Plume. Mantle plumes are relatively narrow columns of hot buoyant rock rising from the deep mantle probably the core–mantle boundary in many cases and partially melting in the uppermost mantle. The magma produced in this way is responsible for hot spot volcanism and oceanic volcanic islands and seamounts.

Which of these features would you expect to find at a convergent boundary where subduction is taking place?

Volcanoes are one kind of feature that forms along convergent plate boundaries where two tectonic plates collide and one moves beneath the other. … Deep trenches are features often formed where tectonic plates are being subducted and earthquakes are common.

What is the surface feature associated with a divergent tectonic plate boundary?

A divergent plate boundary often forms a mountain chain known as a ridge. This feature forms as magma escapes into the space between the spreading tectonic plates.

What is a hot spot quizlet?

Hotspot. A small area of the Earth’s crust where an unusually high heat flow is associated with volcanic activity A weak spot in the middle of a tectonic plate where magma surfaces forms a volcano.

What is a hot spot plate tectonics quizlet?

Hot spot. A location on the earths surface charcterized by high rate of heat flow and abundant vocanic activity. Percentage for volcanic activity caused by plate boundarys. 95% divergent and convergent. Percentage for hot spots causing global volcanism.

Where are hot spot volcanoes found in the United States?

Most hot spots are located at mid-ocean ridges but there are a few located in the middle of plates like Hawaii and Yellowstone. This is a map of the Hawaiian Islands today.

Where are the two most commonly known hotspots in the US?

Two prominent hotspot tracks appear on a map of the 50 United States one involving a plate with thin oceanic crust (Hawaii) and one with thicker continental crust (Yellowstone).

How do hotspots form islands?

Hotspots occur when one of the Earth’s plates moves over an unusually hot part of the Earth’s mantle. … As the plate moves the hot spot remains stationary and islands form and slowly drift away from the hot spot allowing more volcanoes and islands to be formed.

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What is a hotspot track?

Hotspot tracks are thought to be the surface expressions of tectonic plates moving over upwelling mantle plumes and are characterized by volcanic activity that is age progressive1. At present most hotspot tracks are observed on oceanic or thin continental lithosphere.

What are hot spots provide an example of a hot spot on Earth?

In geology hotspots (or hot spots) are volcanic locales thought to be fed by underlying mantle that is anomalously hot compared with the surrounding mantle. Examples include the Hawaii Iceland and Yellowstone hotspots.

What is the hotspot?

What is WiFi Hotspot? A WiFi hotspot is a wireless access point that you can connect to to use Internet connection. … There are also mobile hotspots — you can share your cellular data from an iPhone or Android just as if they were a wireless router and others can connect to it to get online.

How are hot spots formed quizlet?

Hot spots are mantle plumes which are columns of hot magma rising through the mantle until it reaches the crust. The plume burns its way through the crust due to convection. This forms Shield volcanoes which typically have gentle slopes and runny lava. … Over time a chain of volcanic islands are created.

How do hot spots move?

Hotspots are places where plumes of hot buoyant rock from deep in the Earth’s mantle plow to the surface in the middle of a tectonic plate. They move because of the convection in the mantle that also pushes around the plates above (convection is the same process that happens in boiling water).

What causes volcanic hot spots?

A volcanic “hotspot” is an area in the mantle from which heat rises as a thermal plume from deep in the Earth. High heat and lower pressure at the base of the lithosphere (tectonic plate) facilitates melting of the rock. This melt called magma rises through cracks and erupts to form volcanoes.

Which composition of rocks are primarily found at and near the surface of oceanic hot spot volcanism?


Basalt (Extrusive). The principle surface rock of oceanic crust and probably the most common rock on the surface of the terrestrial worlds. The basalt of the oceanic crust formed at mid-oceanic ridges so it is known as “MORB” – Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt.

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How is a hot spot track produced and how can hotspot tracks be used to track the past motions velocities of a plate?

How is a hot-spot track produced and how can hot- spot tracks be used to track the past motions of a plate? –Volcanic plumes erupt on the surface as the plate shifts the volcanoes goes extinct and tattoo the ocean with small islands- showing the track of past plate motions.

Why are hotspots stationary?

Hotspots are almost stationary features in the mantle. There is evidence that hotspots can drift extremely slowly in the mantle but hotspots are essentially stationary relative to the faster-moving tectonic plates. As a tectonic plate moves over a mantle hotspot a chain of volcanoes is produced.

What is the major evidence that the Hawaiian Islands were formed at a hot spot?

What is the major evidence that the Hawaiian Islands were formed at a hot spot? The age of the islands progress from oldest at one end of the chain to youngest at the other end. The age of the islands progress from oldest at one end of the chain to youngest at the other end.

Which of the following provides evidence for plate tectonics?

Evidence from fossils glaciers and complementary coastlines helps reveal how the plates once fit together. Fossils tell us when and where plants and animals once existed. Some life “rode” on diverging plates became isolated and evolved into new species.

How do hot spots and plate tectonics account for the islands of the Hawaiian island chain varying in age?

How do hot spots and the plate tectonics theory account for the fact that the Hawaiian Islands vary in age? … According to the plate tectonics theory as a plate moves over a hot spot magma often penetrates the surface thereby generating a volcanic structure.

What evidence supports plate tectonics quizlet?

Earthquakes and volcanic activity are also evidence of plate tectonics.

How will you describe the distribution of hotspots?

Hot spots have an irregular distribution over the earth’s surface. … To the first order hot spots are concentrated on one half of the surface area of the earth within that portion the distribution is consistent with a uniform distribution.

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