What Place In Africa Speaks Spanish

What Place In Africa Speaks Spanish?

Republic of Equatorial Guinea

How many countries speaks Spanish in Africa?

In Africa only one country has Spanish as an official language. That country is Equatorial Guinea where around 68% of the population of 1 3 million people speak Equatoguinean Spanish as their mother tongue and while Portuguese and French are co-official languages in the country these are much less current.

What parts of Africa are Spanish?

Spanish Africa
  • Ceuta on the north coast of Africa.
  • Melilla on the north coast of Africa.
  • Plazas de soberanía sovereign territories scattered along the Mediterranean coast bordering Morocco.
  • Canary Islands an archipelago off the coast of Morocco.

Where do they speak Spanish?

Spanish is the (or an) official language of 18 American countries (Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Uruguay and Venezuela) as well as of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico along with Spain in …

Does South Africa speak Spanish?

South Africa’s Constitution recognises 11 official languages: Sepedi (also known as Sesotho sa Leboa) Sesotho Setswana siSwati Tshivenda Xitsonga Afrikaans English isiNdebele isiXhosa and isiZulu. For centuries South Africa’s official languages were European – Dutch English Afrikaans.

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Why is there a Spanish speaking country in Africa?

Equatorial Guinea or the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is named for its location – near the Gulf of Guinea and the Equator. It is the only African country with Spanish as its official language.

Does anywhere in Africa speak Spanish?

In Africa Spanish is one of three official languages in Equatorial Guinea where nearly 68 percent of the population speaks it. Spanish is also spoken in territories in northern Africa controlled by Spain and in Morocco which is geographically close to Spain.

Is there Spanish territory in Africa?

Ceuta is an autonomous city administered by Spain. Ceuta Melilla (also an exclave) and other tiny islets along the coast of North Africa constitute the territories of Spanish North Africa. The city is on a narrow isthmus that connects Mount Hacho (also held by Spain) to the mainland.

Where were the Spanish colonies in Africa?

It was formed in 1946 by joining the southern zone of the Spanish protectorate in Morocco the colony of Ifni and the colony of Spanish Sahara into a single administrative unit.

What are the 21 countries that speak Spanish?

Spanish is the official or co-language of the following countries: Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Uruguay Venezuela and Spain.

Why do they speak Spanish in Mexico?

The most obvious reason why Mexicans started speaking Spanish is because it was a former Spanish colony. Spanish General Hernán Cortes arrived in what is now Mexico City in 1519. After conquering the Aztec empire the Spanish Crown stuck around as the “Viceroyalty of Mexico” until 1821.

What country speaks the most proper Spanish?


Two countries which are recognized for a clearly spoken standardized accent are Colombia and Costa Rica while there are indigenous languages spoken by some citizens the primary language is Spanish.

Do people in Uganda speak Spanish?

LANGUAGE : Uganda’s official languge is English which is spoken by most educated Ugandans. The three major indigenous language families are Bantu Central Sudanic and Nilotic. Swahili and Luganda are also widely spoken. RELIGION : Christianity is widespread in Uganda.

What language is spoken in Nigeria?


What language is spoken in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg eGoli (Zulu)
• English 20.10%
• Sesotho 9.61%
• Setswana 7.68%
• Afrikaans 7.28%

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Is Spanish spoken in Chile?

Spanish is the official and administrative language of Chile. … According to Law 19253 also known as “The Indigenous Law” (1993) indigenous languages are officially recognized for use and conservation as well as Spanish in the zones in which they are spoken.

Does Northern Africa speak Spanish?

Around a hundred languages are widely used for inter-ethnic communication. Arabic Somali Berber Amharic Oromo Igbo Swahili Hausa Manding Fulani and Yoruba are spoken by tens of millions of people.

Official languages.
Afrikaans Portuguese
Arabic Spanish
English Swahili
French other languages

Is Spanish spoken in Morocco?

There are a number of languages of Morocco. The two official languages are Standard Arabic and Tamazight. … Spanish is spoken by many Moroccans particularly in the northern regions around Tetouan and Tangier as well as in parts of the south due to historic ties and business interactions with Spain.

Is Ceuta an island?

Ceuta like Melilla and the Canary Islands was classified as a free port before Spain joined the European Union. Its population consists of Christians Muslims and small minorities of Sephardic Jews and ethnic Sindhis from modern-day Pakistan.

Ceuta سَبْتَة (Arabic)
Website www.ceuta.es

What areas did the Spanish colonize?

Beginning with the 1492 arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean and gaining control over more territory for over three centuries the Spanish Empire would expand across the Caribbean Islands half of South America most of Central America and much of North America.

How did Spain colonize Morocco?

The Spanish protectorate in Morocco was established on 27 November 1912 by a treaty between France and Spain that converted the Spanish sphere of influence in Morocco into a formal protectorate.

Is Jamaica a Spanish speaking country?

Most Jamaicans speak Jamaican Patois (or“Jamaican Creole”) an English-based language with strong West African influences. … But a considerable part of the Jamaican population considers that Patois not Spanish should be the country’s second (or first) official language.

Is Spanish spoken in Asia?

The World’s Most Spoken Languages

It is mostly spoken in Asia especially in China. Spanish is the second most used language with over 430 million speakers. Spanish is a native language of Spain and was spread to other countries during the colonial period.

What are the 3 largest Spanish speaking countries?

Countries with the largest number of native Spanish speakers worldwide in 2021 (in millions)
Characteristic Number of speakers in millions
Mexico 124.85
Colombia 50.64
Argentina 44.94
Spain 43.64

Does Argentina speak Spanish?

While Argentina’s official language is Spanish Argentina has enjoyed so much international migration that Arabic Italian German English and French are also spoken—at least in pockets throughout the country. There are also over one million speakers of various tribal languages including Quecha and Guaraní.

What language do Africans speak?

While Arabic is the most spoken language in Africa there’s plenty more – other popular languages include Amharic Berber Portuguese Oromo Igbo Yoruba Zulu and Shona.

Does Brazil speak Spanish?

Virtually everyone in Brazil speaks Portuguese. … Though Spanish is the primary language in most South American countries Portuguese is actually what’s spoken most in South America and that’s all thanks to Brazil.

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Which Spanish is easiest to learn?

But in reality as a multicultural and diverse country Colombia has a variety of regional dialects and accents and some are more difficult to understand than others nonetheless in general our Spanish with all its variations is indeed one of the easiest ones to learn compared to others like Chilean Argentinian or …

Who has the best Spanish accent?

So apologies aside it is often considered that Colombia has the “best” Spanish. It is said that the Spanish spoken in Colombia has a very “neutral” accent. However that can be a matter of opinion. One might say that just as the Mexican accent is Mexican the Colombian accent is Colombian.

Which Spanish accent is the hardest to understand?

Chilean Spanish

Chilean Spanish is the hardest Spanish to learn. 4. If you can understand Chilean Spanish you can understand anything in the language.

What language is spoken in Tanzania?

Tanzania/Official languages
Vinually all Tanzanians speak Swahili today and Swahili has become an identity marker for Tanzanians. The use of Swahili has expanded so much that it is now replacing vernacular languages as the language of everyday interaction and is also replacing English as the languaJe of education and government.

What language is spoken in Botswana?


What language is spoken in Ghana?


Is Spanish spoken in Nigeria?

The official language is English but it is spoken less frequently in rural areas and amongst people with lower education levels. Other major languages spoken include: Hausa Yoruba Igbo Fulfulde Ibibio Kanuri and Tiv.

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