What Is The Plural Form Of Nucleus

What Is The Plural Form Of Nucleus?


Is nuclei singular or plural?

Singular Plural
nucleus nuclei
syllabus syllabi/syllabuses
analysis analyses
diagnosis diagnoses

What is the irregular plural for nucleus?

Countable Nouns: Irregular Plurals
nucleus nuclei
matrix matrices
oasis oases
paralysis paralyses

What is the plural form of focus?

noun. fo·​cus | ˈfō-kəs plural foci ˈfō-​ˌsī also -​ˌkī also focuses.

What is the plural form of analysis?

noun. anal·​y·​sis | ə-ˈna-lə-səs plural analyses -​ˌsēz

Is nuclei singular of nucleus?

This is the British English definition of nucleus. View American English definition of nucleus.

nucleus ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌
singular nucleus
plural nuclei

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Is nuclei the same as nucleus?

Nucleus is just singular form and Nuclei is plural form. … ✒ In atomic world Nucleus is central dance part/ reason.

Why is the plural of nucleus nuclei?

The noun nucleus has a Latin root which is the derivation of the plural nuclei. Nucleuses (which adheres to the standard rules for forming plurals) is also an accepted plural.

What is the plural form of Apex?

apex. noun. ˈā-ˌpeks plural apexes or apices ˈā-​pə-​ˌsēz

What is the plural of fish?

See the full definition for fish in the English Language Learners Dictionary. fish. noun. ˈfish plural fish or fishes.

What is the plural form of leaf?

noun often attributive. ˈlēf plural leaves ˈlēvz also leafs ˈlēfs

What is the plural of dice?

The plural form is dice. If you roll dice you are rolling two or more game pieces. If you roll a die you are only using one piece.

What is the plural form of Oasis?

noun. oa·​sis | ō-ˈā-səs plural oases ō-​ˈā-​ˌsēz Essential Meaning of oasis. 1 : an area in a desert where there is water and plants a desert oasis.

What is plural form of datum?

datum. noun. da·​tum | ˈdā-təm ˈda- ˈdä- plural data -​tə or datums.

What is the plural of wife?

A wife is a married woman. … The plural of wife is wives.

What is the plural of stratum?

noun. stra·​tum | ˈstrā-təm ˈstra- plural strata ˈstrā-​tə ˈstra-​

What is the noun of nucleus?

noun plural nu·cle·i [noo-klee-ahy nyoo-] nu·cle·us·es. a central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered core: A few faithful friends formed the nucleus of the club. Biology.

What is the name of nucleus?

In cell biology the nucleus (pl. nuclei from Latin nucleus or nuculeus meaning kernel or seed) is a membrane-bound organelle found in eukaryotic cells. Eukaryotes usually have a single nucleus but a few cell types such as mammalian red blood cells have no nuclei and a few others including osteoclasts have many.

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What is a Neucli?

A nucleus is a membrane-bound organelle that contains the cell’s chromosomes. Pores in the nuclear membrane allow for the passage of molecules in and out of the nucleus.

What is nucleus name the members of nucleus?

The nucleus is composed of various structures namely nuclear envelope nucleoplasm or nucleus sap nuclear matrix chromatin and nucleolus.

What is nuclear and nuclei?

The atomic nucleus is the small dense region consisting of protons and neutrons at the center of an atom discovered in 1911 by Ernest Rutherford based on the 1909 Geiger–Marsden gold foil experiment. … Protons and neutrons are bound together to form a nucleus by the nuclear force.

Why is it called nucleus?

Etymology: The term nucleus came from the Latin nucleus meaning “kernel” or “core” a diminutive of nux (“nut”). The plural form is nuclei. Nuclear is the descriptive term that relates to a nucleus.

What is Radius plural?

noun. ra·​di·​us | ˈrā-dē-əs plural radii ˈrā-​dē-​ˌī also radiuses.

What is the plural of a ten year old?

If you were talking about one person you would say “He is a ten-year-old.” “A ten-year-old” is definitely a noun. When you make it plural it is “They are ten-year-olds.” (then you can add in the ‘all’ to make “They are all ten-year-olds.”)

What is the plural of series?

Series can be singular or plural without the word itself changing. Series is a count noun describing a group of things or events usually occurring in succession such as a television series. … You can have multiple series but the word is unchanged as series is a zero plural.

What is the plural form of Bursa quizlet?

Which prefix means rapid?

What is plural child?

Children is the plural form of the word child and is used to refer to a group of or many youngsters who are below the age of puberty.

Can you say shrimps?

‘Shrimp’ has two plurals. You can either say or write ‘shrimp’ or ‘shrimps. ‘ However ‘shrimps’ is usually used in reference to different species or…

What is the plural of tomato?

tomato. noun. to·​ma·​to | tə-ˈmā-tō -ˈmä- plural tomatoes.

How did you spell died?

Correct spelling for the English word “Died” is [dˈa͡ɪd] [dˈa‍ɪd] [d_ˈaɪ_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the plural of deer?

noun plural deer (occasionally) deers. any of several ruminants of the family Cervidae most of the males of which have solid deciduous antlers. any of the smaller species of this family as distinguished from the moose elk etc.

Can you say sheeps?

No don’t use “sheeps”. To refer to a single sheep just say “a sheep” or sometimes you can even omit the “a”. Example: “That’s a black sheep”. To refer to more than one sheep we just say “sheep”.

What is the plural form of piano?


Option b Pianos is the correct plural form of piano hence is the correct choice.

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What is the plural of bacteria?

Bacteria is historically and normally the plural of bacterium. A single bacterium can divide and produce millions of bacteria. However there is a singular use of bacteria found in informal and even neutral-register texts. … Some people who say this pluralize it as bacterias.

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