What Is The Opposite Of From

What is the opposite word of from?

What is the opposite of from?
until into
to toward
towards through
up until about
as far as down to

Is it opposite to or opposite from?

Let’s start with the word “opposite” as a preposition. The meaning of the preposition “opposite” is on ‘the other side of’. When “opposite” is a preposition it is incorrect to use “from” after it: I live opposite the University (not “opposite from the University“).

What is the opposite of fro?

“Do it here where I can see you.”

What is the opposite of fro?
here at this location
in this spot on this spot

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What is the opposite of FAR FROM?

What is the opposite of far?
near close
nearby by
around somewhere
approximately not far off
close to not far from

What is the opposite of 4?

For example the opposite of 4 is -4 or negative four. On a number line 4 and -4 are both the same distance from 0 but they’re on opposite sides. This type of opposite is also called the additive inverse.

What is a antonym word?

English Language Learners Definition of antonym

: a word with a meaning that is opposite to the meaning of another word.

What is the opposite of 3?


The opposite of 3 is -3.

Is it correct to say opposite to?

The preposition opposite should not be followed by of or to. Jean-Luc lives in the house opposite ours. Two dozen condos will be built opposite the theatre (not opposite of the theatre or opposite to the theatre).

What is the difference between across and opposite?

The difference is “opposite” is facing or across from while “across” is to toward or from the far side of something that lies between two points of interest.

What is the opposite top?

Antonym of Top
Word Antonym
Top Bottom
Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is to and fro motion?

phrase. If someone moves to and fro they move repeatedly from one place to another and back again or from side to side.

Is not far off?

Definition of ‘not far wrong not far out/off’

Someone or something that is not far wrong not far out or not far off is almost correct or almost accurate.

What is the opposite few?

Opposite of an unspecific but small number of. many. numerous. several. countless.

Is not far off Synonym?

What is another word for not far off?
about around
not far away within reach
around the corner in reverse
on your doorstep just around the corner
close nigh

What is the opposite of 8?

Explanation: Opposite of a number means its additive inverse which means the number added to its additive inverse would be zero. Thus opposite of 8 is -8.

What is the opposite of 7?


The opposite of 7 is -7.

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What is the opposite of 6?

The opposite of 6 is (−6) the reciprocal of 6 is (16) .

What is an antonym example?

Examples include: boy — girl off — on night — day entrance — exit exterior — interior true — false dead — alive push — pull pass — fail.

How do I find an antonym?

To find an antonym follow these steps:
  1. Position the insertion point in the word you wish to check.
  2. Press Shift+F7. …
  3. If antonyms are available for the word you will see the phrase “(Antonym)” after the word. …
  4. Position the mouse pointer over the antonym in which you are interested.

How are antonyms formed?

An antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning to another word. Many antonyms are formed by adding the prefix un- to an existing word. The prefixes mis- dis- in- ir- and im- and il- are used instead of un- with some words to create antonyms.

What’s the opposite of 10?

The opposite of 10 is -10.

What is the opposite of 11?

Step-by-step explanation:

There are no categorical antonyms for eleven. The numeral eleven is defined as: The cardinal number occurring after ten and before twelve. Represented as 11 in Arabic digits.

What is the opposite of 55?


The opposite of 55 is −55.

Can we use opposite to?

“Opposite” is utilized as an adjective in: Their house is opposite to the Red Cross Hospital. While it is utilized as a preposition in: Their house is opposite the Red Cross Hospital.

What is the antonym of do?

Antonyms. leader disobey disoblige violate predate literalize spiritualize. make out come proceed go get along.

What is the opposite of -(- 7?

For example −7 is opposite to 7 because with . You can say that the opposite number of a number is the negative version of the positive number.

How do you use across from?

Definition of across from

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: on the opposite side from (someone or something) She sat (directly) across from me at the table. The restaurant is (just) across from the high school.

What is opposite word?

The word which is a pronoun that means what one? It may also be used to introduce restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

Is opposite the same as in front of?

Opposite as a preposition means ‘in a position facing someone or something but on the other side’: Jake sat opposite Claire in the restaurant. … In front of as a preposition means ‘close to the front of something or someone‘: There was a woman in front of me in the bus queue who was crying.

What is the opposite soft?

Antonym of Soft

Word. Antonym. Soft. Hard Rough Rigid. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the antonym of attempt?

What is the opposite of attempt?
refuse decline
ignore reject
dismiss rebuff

What does fro fro mean?

ˈfrō Definition of fro (Entry 2 of 2) : back away —used in the phrase to and fro.

What does forto mean?

Forto (Arabic: فورتو‎) is a town in Eritrea. It is located in the Gash-Barka region and is the capital of Forto District.

What is the meaning of fro in physics?

nitish.gupta answered this. To and fro means the forward and backward movement of an object about an equilibrium position. For instance motion of a pendulum it moves one side to another and then returns to the starting position. This type of motion is known as to and fro motion.

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