What Is The Meaning Of Timbuktu

What Is The Meaning Of Timbuktu?

Timbuktu. / (ˌtɪmbʌkˈtuː) / noun. a town in central Mali on the River Niger: terminus of a trans-Saharan caravan route a great Muslim centre (14th–16th centuries).

What does the word Timbuktu mean?

Rebels in Mali have taken the historic city of Timbuktu a place that has become shorthand in English for anywhere far away. … Once spelt as Timbuctoo the city in northern Mali has come to represent a place far away at the end of the world. As the Oxford English Dictionary puts it “the most distant place imaginable”.

What does Timbuktu mean in history?

Timbuktu French Tombouctou city in the western African country of Mali historically important as a trading post on the trans-Saharan caravan route and as a centre of Islamic culture (c. 1400–1600).

What is Timbuktu famous for?

Timbuktu is best known for its famous Djinguereber Mosque and prestigious Sankore University both of which were established in the early 1300s under the reign of the Mali Empire most famous ruler Mansa Musa.

What does Buktu mean?

According to one legend the herdsmen dug a well at the site and asked an old woman called Buktu to look after it whenever they were away. In the Tuareg language Tamashek the word for ‘place’ is Tin and so Timbuktu derives from the name the Tuareg’s gave the place Tin’Buktu meaning ‘place of Buktu‘.

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What is another name for Timbuktu?

What is another word for Timbuktu?
middle of nowhere boondocks
wilds the sticks
back of beyond rural districts
beyond the black stump Woop Woop
back country booay

Is Timbuktu a word?

a town in central Mali W Africa near the Niger River. French Tombouctou. any faraway place.

What happened to Timbuktu?

It became part of the Mali Empire early in the 14th century. … Different tribes governed until the French took over in 1893 a situation that lasted until it became part of the current Republic of Mali in 1960. Presently Timbuktu is impoverished and suffers from desertification.

Where is Timbuktu on the world map?

Where is Timbuktu? Timbuktu is located in Mali a West African nation. Timbuktu is an ancient city and is one of Mali’s ten administrative regions.

Is Timbuktu poor?

Despite its illustrious history modern-day Timbuktu is an impoverished town poor even by Third World standards. The population has grown an average 5.7% per year from 29 732 in 1998 to 54 453 in 2009.

Why do we say from here to Timbuktu?

What does “From here to Timbuktu mean”? We essentially use this phrase to denote somewhere very far away. It is used to mean a journey we really don’t want to do such as “ I’m not going from here to Timbuktu to pick up your things”. Not the best example but you get the picture.

Why is Timbuktu mysterious?

The Moroccans put an end to the Songhay Empire and in the subsequent centuries Timbuktu went into decline. However due to its remoteness and its close association with the gold trade for Europeans it still generated mystery.

What are three interesting facts about Timbuktu?

Fun Facts About Timbuktu for Kids
  • Timbuktu started as a summer encampment for nomadic tribes of the region.
  • During World War II Timbuktu was used to house prisoners of war.
  • Today Timbuktu is very very poor.
  • Both droughts and floods consistently threaten the city.

What is the meaning of Mansa Musa?

Mansa Musa’s personal name was Musa (Arabic: موسى‎ romanized: Mūsā) the Arabic form of Moses. Mansa ‘ruler’ or ‘king’ in Mande was the title of the ruler of the Mali Empire. It has also been translated as “conqueror” and “priest-king”. In oral tradition and the Timbuktu Chronicles Musa is known as Kanku Musa.

How many mosques are in Timbuktu?

three mosques

The three mosques and the sixteen mausoleums comprising the property are a cliché of the former great city of Timbuktu that in the 16th century numbered 100 000 inhabitants. The vestiges of urban fabric are essential for their context.

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How do you use Timbuktu in a sentence?

Timbuktu sentence example
  1. In August the channel near Timbuktu is again navigable owing to rain in the southern highlands. …
  2. It is not until Kabara the port of Timbuktu is reached a distance of 450 m.

Is it safe to visit Timbuktu?

You would be surprised to know that nowadays Timbuktu itself is relatively safe but attempting to travel there by road is a guaranteed one-way ticket. Instead fearless travelers who are willing to take some risk can go to Timbuktu by: Plane – Usually on a charter UN flight.

Which sea did traders from Timbuktu cross to reach Europe?

Mediterranean Sea

The major trade routes moved goods across the Sahara Desert between Western/Central Africa and the port trade centers along the Mediterranean Sea. One important trade route went from Timbuktu across the Sahara to Sijilmasa.

In which African country is Timbuktu located?


Timbuktu French Tombouctou city in the western African country of Mali historically important as a trading post on the trans-Saharan caravan route and as a centre of Islamic culture (c. 1400–1600). It is located on the southern edge of the Sahara about 8 miles (13 km) north of the Niger River.

How do you get to Timbuktu?

The only way of getting to Timbuktu by road is crossing the Niger (river). In any case you will need to reach Kabara (or Kouriomé) by boat. Kabara is the former Timbuktu’s port.

Where is Timbuktu country and continent?


What is the population of Timbuktu today?

There are 1 200 assigned for Timbuktu alone for a population now estimated at less than 15 000.

What did people study in Timbuktu?

The primary focus was on study of the Quran and Islamic subjects but academic subjects were also taught such as “medicine and surgery astronomy mathematics physics chemistry philosophy language and linguistics geography history as well as art.” Teachers associated with the Sankore mosque and the mosque …

Why was Timbuktu referred to as a Centre of learning?

The Arabic chronicles record Timbuktu as a centre of West African Sudan market and scribal culture. Because Timbuktu was at the crossroads of trade routes the mosques and holy places of Timbuktu were imperative for the development and spread of Islam in Africa in late medieval and early modern times.

Where is Timbuktu in the United States?

Timbuctoo California
Country United States
State California
County Yuba County
Elevation 397 ft (121 m)

Who built the University of Timbuktu?

Mansa Musa
It is believed to be established by Mansa Musa who was the ruler of the Mali Empire. The three mosques of Sankoré Djinguereber and Sidi Yahya comprise the University of Timbuktu.

What was Mali called before?

In October 1958 the territory became known as the Sudanese Republic and on November 24 1958 it became an autonomous state within the French Community. In January 1959 Senegal and the Sudanese Republic joined to form the Mali Federation under the presidency of Keita.

What is modern day Timbuktu?

The Legendary City of Timbuktu in Mali Africa

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The word “Timbuktu” (or Timbuctoo or Tombouctou) is used in several languages to represent a far-away place but Timbuktu is an actual city in the African country of Mali.

Was Timbuktu founded by a woman?

The city was founded a thousand years ago by a Tuareg woman named Buktu. Tim-buktu means “the place of Buktu.” But it was Timbuktu’s greatest king who made the city a legend.

What was Timbuktu known for during its golden age?

Timbuktu reached its peak as a center of Islamic culture and scholarship in the 16th century. This was its Golden Age. It was now a major city in the Songhai Empire. Of the city’s population of nearly 100 000 a quarter were students and scholars.

Is Timbuktu a Moroccan?

The Pashalik of Timbuktu was a West African political entity that existed between the 16th and the 19th century.

Pashalik of Timbuktu.
Pashalik of Timbuktu باشوية تمبكتو Bashauyat Timbuktu
Capital Timbuktu
• Type Pashalik of Morocco (1591–1603) Vassal state of Morocco (1603–1826) Tributary state of the Tuaregs (1787–1833)

How was Mansa Musa?

Mansa Musa developed cities like Timbuktu and Gao into important cultural centers. He also brought architects from the Middle East and across Africa to design new buildings for his cities. Mansa Musa turned the kingdom of Mali into a sophisticated center of learning in the Islamic world.

Can you fly to Timbuktu?

Yes you can fly into Timbuktu. There are internal flights from Mopti and Bamako the latter being the capital and to which there are a number of international flights from Europe. However the toughest and most memorable way to arrive is to get yourself to Mopti by bus and then hitch a ride on a rice barge.

What was found in the library in Timbuktu?

Timbuktu Manuscripts (or Tombouctou Manuscripts) is a blanket term for the large number of historically important manuscripts that have been preserved for centuries in private households in Timbuktu Mali. The collections include manuscripts about art medicine philosophy and science as well as copies of the Quran.

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