What Is The Definition Of Select

What the meaning select?

to choose in preference to another or others pick out. to make a choice pick. … of special value or excellence choice. careful or fastidious in selecting discriminating. carefully or fastidiously chosen exclusive: a select group of friends.

What is the sentence of select?

Used with adjectives: “He carefully selected the right answer.” “The computer automatically selects the numbers.” “She specifically selected him to be on her team.”

What does select mean law?

to click on something

Select means to click on something. Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3. Based on 3 documents.

What kind of word is select?

As detailed above ‘select’ can be an adjective or a verb. Adjective usage: Only a select few were allowed to the premiere. Adjective usage: This is a select cut of beef.

What does select few mean?

Only a select few (will receive an invitation to my birthday): Only a small number of lucky people just a special handful of people (will receive an invitation to my birthday)

Is it select or selected?

select or selected

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Select means to choose one or more elements of a unique set could be of items ideas or options out of privilege. “I was asked to select the best out of the candidates.” Selected is the past tense of the word select which means to have been chosen in the past.

How do you use elect?

Meaning of elect in English. to decide on or choose especially to choose a person for a particular job by voting: The President is elected for a four-year term of office. [ + as + noun ] We elected him as our representative.

How do you select a word?

To select a single word quickly double-click that word. To select a line of text place your cursor at the start of the line and press Shift + down arrow. To select a paragraph place your cursor at the start of the paragraph and press Ctrl + Shift + down arrow.

How do you use choose in a sentence?

Choose sentence example
  1. I had hoped he’d choose your sister. …
  2. I mean if you had to choose between me and your world? …
  3. He may choose what to tell you about the war. …
  4. If you choose not to take it it’s your decision not mine. …
  5. Don’t make me choose between you and my mother Adrienne. …
  6. I did choose you.

What does lect mean in select?

se•lect. (sɪˈlɛkt) 1. to choose in preference to another or others. 2. to make a choice pick. adj.

What is the noun of select?

selection. The process or act of selecting. Something selected. A variety of items taken from a larger collection.

What is computer selection?

Selecting is highlighting text or picking an object. … If something is selected you can deselect text or another object by clicking somewhere else on the screen.

What is the verb of selection?

select. To choose one or more elements of a set especially a set of options.

Which noun is beautiful?

The abstract noun of the word ”Beautiful” is ”beauty”.

What is the synonym for select?

choose pick hand-pick single out pick out sort out take opt for decide on settle on set fix fix on adopt determine designate name nominate appoint elect specify stipulate prefer favour.

What does all spruced up mean?

phrasal verb. If something is spruced up its appearance is improved. If someone is spruced up they have made themselves look very smart. Many buildings have been spruced up.

What is the adjective of select?

selectable sə-​ˈlek-​tə-​bəl adjective. selectness sə-​ˈlek(t)-​nəs noun.

How do you use select few?

The Congress likes to cloister its leader in a tower surrounded by loyal party leaders accessible only to the select few. One argument that educrats make against programs like his is that they are elitist and benefit only a select few.

What is the difference between selected and selective?

As adjectives the difference between selective and selected

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is that selective is of or pertaining to the process of selection while selected is that have been selected or chosen.

What does select publications mean?

Using this sense of the word “selected publications” would only mean a smaller group of magazines selected from a larger range of possible magazines. It would not indicate any quality ranking or level of prestige for that magazine.

What is the elect in the Bible?

The Old Testament applies the term “elect” to the Israelites in as far as they are called to be the chosen people or people of God or are faithful to their divine call. The idea of such an election is common in Deuteronomy and in Isaiah 40-66.

What is electoral college voting?

When people cast their vote they are actually voting for a group of people called electors. The number of electors each state gets is equal to its total number of Senators and Representatives in Congress. A total of 538 electors form the Electoral College. … The candidate who gets 270 votes or more wins.

What is elect document?

ELECT stands for Early Learning for Every Child Today. … The ELECT document the result of years of work by education professionals on the Best Start Expert Panel on Early Learning is for use by all those who work with young children in Ontario including child care settings and Kindergarten classrooms.

How do I stop Word from selecting everything?

Go to File Options then Advanced. Look for the option When selecting automatically select entire word (it is enabled by default). You can disable the ‘feature’ by deselecting it (checkbox).

What are the shortcuts for selecting?

Keyboard shortcuts to select and move text in a document
Shortcut Description
Shift+Ctrl+Down Select text up to same point of next line
Shift+Ctrl+Left Select previous word
Shift+Ctrl+Right Select next word
Shift+Ctrl+Up Select text up to same point of previous line

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How do I select a laptop?

What does it mean when you choose to do something?

verb. If you choose to do something you do it because you want to or because you feel that it is right.

What does it mean when you choose someone?

If you choose someone or something from several people or things that are available you decide which person or thing you want to have.

What part of speech is choose?


part of speech: verb
inflections: chooses choosing chose chosen
definition 1: to pick one or more from a group. Paul chose three books from the library. synonyms: elect pick pick out select single out antonyms: reject similar words: adopt cast embrace favor prefer vote for

What is the meaning of the root word CEPT?


The Latin root word cept means “taken.” This root word gives rise to many English vocabulary words including deception concept and except. Perhaps the easiest way to remember this root word is through the word accept for when you have accepted something you have “taken” it towards yourself.

What is select in database?

A SELECT statement retrieves zero or more rows from one or more database tables or database views. In most applications SELECT is the most commonly used data manipulation language (DML) command. … SELECT clause is the list of columns or SQL expressions that must be returned by the query.

Whats the meaning of Biblio?


Biblio- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “book” and occasionally “Bible.” Biblio- comes from the Greek biblíon meaning “book.” You can learn more about its connection to the Bible at our entry for the word.

What is the abstract noun of select?

The abstract noun of select is selection.

What is the verb form of beautiful?

Answer : The verb form of the adjective “beautiful” is “beautify”. [ 1] I wish to clarify that the word “beautiful” is the adjective form of the noun “beauty”. The verb form of “beauty” is “beautify”.

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