What Is Bigger A Megalodon Or A Blue Whale

What Is Bigger A Megalodon Or A Blue Whale?

Is a blue whale bigger than a megalodon? A blue whale can grow to up to five times the size of a megalodon. Blue whales reach a maximum length of 110 feet which is far larger than even the biggest meg. Blue whales also weigh significantly more compared to the megalodon.Apr 19 2021

Are Megalodons bigger than blue whales?

No the blue whale is much bigger. Megalodon was up to 60 feet long while blue whales are 80 to 100 feet long.

Can a megalodon eat a blue whale?

Megalodon was potentially capable of taking on Blue Whales but it is doubtful they’d go for something so large and tedious to kill especially something 40 feet longer and far heavier sort of like a lion going after an elephant. Besides there was probably far better far smaller whales to eat.

Who will win Megalodon or blue whale?

It’s the largest shark to have ever existed and also the deadliest. And Blue Whales only eat Krill and can also be killed by a Killer Whale. The Megalodon will easily kill the Blue Whale.

Is a megalodon bigger than at Rex?

At a length of more than 50 feet (15 metres) and a mass of nearly 50 tons (tonnes) Megalodon was both larger and heavier than Tyrannosaurus rex. … The girth (maximum diameter) of such a shark would be about 32 feet (9.7 metres).

Whats bigger than a megalodon?

Blue whales
A blue whale can grow to up to five times the size of a megalodon. Blue whales reach a maximum length of 110 feet which is far larger than even the biggest meg. Blue whales also weigh significantly more compared to the megalodon.Apr 19 2021

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What’s the biggest creature in the ocean?

Antarctic blue whale
The Antarctic blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus ssp. Intermedia) is the biggest animal on the planet weighing up to 400 000 pounds (approximately 33 elephants) and reaching up to 98 feet in length.

What is the black demon?

The Black Demon is said to be between 20-60 feet long and weighing anywhere between 50-100 000 lbs. It is said to resemble a great white shark but with very dark coloration and a large tail. Some say it could be the Megalodon or a new species of shark or perhaps an unusually large Great White.

Could a megalodon bite through steel?

No. They might leave dints but they can’t bite through steel.

Who would win megalodon vs Kraken?

The kraken would continue to wrap up the megalodon bringing the shark it to its mouth. With its giant beak it would bite into the monster shark. One or maybe two bites and the megalodon would be defeated. The kraken would then take its large tasty meal deep into the depths below.

What size was megalodon?

Estimates suggest it grew to between 15 and 18 metres in length three times longer than the largest recorded great white shark. Without a complete megalodon skeleton these figures are based on the size of the animal’s teeth which can reach 18 centimetres long. In fact the word megalodon simply means ‘large tooth’.

Is Godzilla bigger than a blue whale?

The latest Godzilla is a record 119 meters tall about six times taller than the tallest animal in history. … Just look at the largest dinosaur the titanosaurs or today’s blue whales which reach up to 30 meters long and can weigh 200 tons. Compared to them Godzilla doesn’t seem that impossible right?

Can a T-Rex eat a megalodon?

What could defeat megalodon?

There are many animals that could beat megalodon. Some say megalodon ate Livyatan but it was an ambush predator and Livyatan might have eaten it too. The modern sperm whale fin whale blue whale Sei whale Triassic kraken pliosaurus and colossal squid could all beat the megalodon.

What is the biggest shark in history?

Megalodon. The last prehistoric shark is the largest known shark to ever live the impressive Megalodon. Greek for “big tooth ” the name Megalodon gets its name from it’s massive 7 inch (18cm) long teeth.

Was the Meg a real shark?

The megalodon which went extinct millions of years ago was the largest shark ever to prowl the oceans and one of the largest fish on record. The scientific name Otodus megalodon means “giant tooth ” and for good reason: Its massive teeth are almost three times larger than the teeth of a modern great white shark.

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What animal killed the megalodon?

great white shark

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) may have wiped out the giant megalodon (Otodus megalodon). But scientists may have miscalculated megalodon’s time of death by about 1 million years.

Do blue whales still exist?

Blue whales are still an endangered species and there are thought to be no more than 25 000 living in the world today.

What is the strongest animal in the world?

Top 10 Strongest Animals
  1. Dung Beetle. A dung beetle is not only the world’s strongest insect but also the strongest animal on the planet compared to body weight.
  2. Rhinoceros Beetle. Rhinoceros Beetles can lift something 850 times their own weight. …
  3. Leafcutter ant. …
  4. Gorilla. …
  5. Eagle. …
  6. Tiger. …
  7. Musk Ox. …
  8. Elephant. …

What is the largest creature to ever exist?

the blue whale
Far bigger than any dinosaur the blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever lived. An adult blue whale can grow to a massive 30m long and weigh more than 180 000kg – that’s about the same as 40 elephants 30 Tyrannosaurus Rex or 2 670 average-sized men.Oct 14 2021

What is the largest mammal to ever walk the earth?

giant rhino

Paleontologists working in China discovered a new species of giant rhino the largest land mammal ever to have walked the Earth. Giant rhino Paraceratherium were mainly found in Asia according to a press release from the Chinese Academy of Sciences published Friday.

Was Jaws a megalodon?

A new study from the University of Bristol and Swansea University has calculated the total body size of the Otodus megalodon – the distant ancestor of the great white shark depicted in hit blockbuster Jaws in 1975. …

What is the strongest bite in history?

The T. rex had the strongest bite of any land animal in Earth’s history. Its toothy jaw delivered upwards of 7 tons of pressure when it chomped its prey.

What is the strongest human bite force?

In August 1986 Richard Hofmann (b. 1949) of Lake City Florida USA achieved a bite strength of 442 kg (975 lb) for approximately 2 sec in a research test using a gnathodynamometer at the College of Dentistry University of Florida USA. This figure is more than six times the normal biting strength.

What is Aust colossus?

The Lilstock monster/ichthyosaur or Aust Colossus is an unnamed genus of ichthyosaur that lived in the United Kingdom during the Late Triassic.

Is the Kraken bigger than Godzilla?

Kraken: Larger Than Godzilla

Godzilla is huge. There is no doubt about that. But the Kraken easily towers the King of the Monsters. … Kraken can just use its size to its advantage keeping Godzilla at bay with his gigantic tentacles and then beating him from a longer distance.

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Is the Kraken alive?

The Kraken the mythical beast of the sea is real. Giant squid live in the dark depths of the ocean and very little is known about them to this day. … Until 2005 no scientist had ever photographed a living giant squid. One hadn’t been filmed until 2013.

Are Megalodons still alive in 2021?

Megalodon is NOT alive today it went extinct around 3.5 million years ago. Go to the Megalodon Shark Page to learn the real facts about the largest shark to ever live including the actual research about it’s extinction.

Are Megalodon’s real?

Megalodon (Otodus megalodon) meaning “big tooth” is an extinct species of mackerel shark that lived approximately 23 to 3.6 million years ago (mya) during the Early Miocene to the Pliocene.

Where can you find a Megalodon?

Where to find megalodon
  1. Megalodon can only spawn in open water. If you get too close to an island they will swim away.
  2. Take your time sailing the open water and you might just get a megalodon to spawn.
  3. megalodon sea of thieves.
  4. Attacking a megalodon as it charges has a chance of stopping its attack.

Could there be a bigger animal than the blue whale?

While there might never be a larger animal than the blue whale there are other kinds of organism that dwarf it. The largest of them all dubbed the “humongous fungus” is a honey mushroom (Armillaria ostoyae).

Why can’t Godzilla exist?

No due to his size and mass Godzilla sadly would not be able to exist in our world because of gravity. No due to his size and mass Godzilla sadly would not be able to exist in our world because of gravity. Theoretically it could. But the earth would not support it at that size.

What kind of animal is Mothra?

Portrayed by Haruo Nakajima (caterpillar) Katsumi Tezuka (caterpillar)
In-universe information
Alias The Thing Titanus Mosura Queen of the Monsters
Species Giant divine moth

Who is stronger shark or dinosaur?

It turns out the largest great whites have a bite force of up to a whopping 2 tons (1.8 metric tons). … The dinosaur had a maximum bite force of some 3.1 metric tons “greater than for a living white shark but puny compared to ‘Big Tooth ‘” Wroe said.

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