What Is A Plume

What are examples of plumes?

The definition of a plume is a feather or a group of feathers or a cloud of material spreading from its source. A large full feather from an ostrich that you wear in your hat is an example of a plume. A cloud of smoke coming from someone who is smoking a cigarette is an example of a plume of smoke.

What is plume in smoke?

Example sentences. plume of smoke. … Across the fields outside a distant plume of smoke suggested incoming rocket fire.

What is a plume of water?

The resulting body of polluted water within an aquifer is called a plume with its migrating edges called plume fronts. Plumes are used to locate map and measure water pollution within the aquifer’s total body of water and plume fronts to determine directions and speed of the contamination’s spreading in it.

What does plume mean in weather?

A plume is a column of liquid gas or dust moving through another. In general we use the term plume to describe things like smoke coming out of a chimney or steam from a smokestack at a power plant. A plume could also be rain cloud a snow cloud and even your breath!

Is a plume a feather?

A plume is a special type of bird feather possessed by egrets ostriches birds of paradise quetzals pheasants and peacocks. They often have a decorative or ornamental purpose commonly used among marching bands and the military worn on the hat or helmet of the wearer.

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What does Carvens mean?

adjective. made for or formed by carving (`carven’ is archaic or literary) “stood as if carven from stone” synonyms: carved engraved etched graven incised inscribed. cut or impressed into a surface.

How does plume work?

You connect one of the Plume Pods to an internet source like a broadband modem and it works as your main router. Plug in the rest of the pods around the house and you have just created an extended or “mesh” Wi-Fi network. … First if there’s no internet you can’t manage your home network at all.

What does billowing hair mean?

You’ll most often see the word billowing when someone is talking about smoke steam or the wind blowing through something like hair or a flag. The word bylgja from which billow derives comes from an unusual source for English words: Old Norse.

What is plumes of a peacock?

noun. a feather. a large long or conspicuous feather: the brilliant plume of a peacock.

What is the definition of a fire plume?

Word forms: plumes

A plume of smoke dust fire or water is a large quantity of it that rises into the air in a column. The rising plume of black smoke could be seen all over Kabul.

What was the worst storm in the UK?

The Great Storm of 1987

The Great Storm of 1987. A powerful storm ravaged many parts of the UK in the middle of October 1987. With winds gusting at up to 100mph there was massive devastation across the country and 18 people were killed.

What is African plume?

Almost 3000 kilometers down at the bottom of the mantle they figured heat from the molten iron core may churn up towering plumes of hot rock that slowly rise to the surface to spew volcanic outpourings. … Deep beneath southern Africa the “Great African Plume” is shaping up as the clearest example of a superplume.

Why is there a storm after hot weather?

The high humidity in conjunction with warm temperatures creates massive amounts of warm moist air rising into the atmosphere where it can easily form a thunderstorm. … As the process of evaporation and condensation occurs these droplets collide with other moisture that is condensing as it rises.

Why did Knight helmets have plumes?

These plumes known as panaches were common 16th-century tournament wear. Feathers indicated status wealth the colors of one’s family and much more. … “It was often meant to last for that one engagement that one tournament and then scavenged for re-use ” says Jonathan Tavares associate curator of arms and armor.

What does it mean to plume the bird?

a : to preen and arrange the feathers of (itself) b : to preen and arrange (feathers)

What is a crest on a bird?

A bird’s crest is made up of a slender array of feathers on top of its head. These feathers are a bit longer and can be spiked up or slicked back depending on what the bird is trying to communicate. Even birds without crests like crows or sparrows sometimes puff up their short crown feathers.

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What is Caven?

(rare) To hollow out.

Is phantasmic a word?

Of relating to or in the nature of an illusion lacking reality: chimeric chimerical delusive delusory dreamlike hallucinatory illusive illusory phantasmagoric phantasmal visionary.

What is a Carven chair?

Carver chair American spool chair with a rush seat and turned (shaped on a lathe) legs that rise above the seat level to frame the back and to support the armrests. The back normally contained three vertical spindles and was topped with decorative finials.

Is plume a router?

Plume is the only smart Wi-Fi that adapts to your home environment. Cover every room with a better connection Control who can access your home Wi-Fi when and enjoy Simple set-up in minutes.
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi Ethernet
Brand Plume
Control Method App
Frequency Band Class Tri-Band
Operating System Android

Does plume replace router?

They can replace your router as well. Plume Adapt is a unique mesh Wi-Fi system that uses AI to optimize… … Connect a SuperPod to your modem or router.

Who owns plume?

Fahri Diner

Plume (company)
Founder Fahri Diner
Headquarters Palo Alto California
Key people Fahri Diner (CEO) Todd Grantham (CMO) Murat Kocaman (CFO) Sandy Mandair (COO) Tyson Marian (CCO) Shari Pire (CLO)
Website www.plume.com

What does it mean to be called a jackal?

2a : a person who performs routine or menial tasks for another. b : a person who serves or collaborates with another especially in the commission of base acts.

What is a billowy?

adjective bil·low·i·er bil·low·i·est. characterized by or full of billows surging: a rough billowy sea.

What part of speech is Vortex?


part of speech: noun
inflections: vortexes vortices
definition 1: a whirling mass of fluid air or the like such as a whirlpool that generates a vacuum in the center toward which things are drawn. Debris swirled in the vortex of the tornado.

Is plume a real word?

We can trace the present word plume from the Old English word plūmfether. Going back further we can find the Latin pluma meaning “feather” or “down.” Plume is often applied to a large puff of smoke or any mass that spreads into the air from a single source.

What is a plume Earth science?

A mantle plume is an area under the rocky outer layer of Earth called the crust where magma is hotter than surrounding magma. Heat from this extra hot magma causes melting and thinning of the rocky crust which leads to widespread volcanic activity on Earth’s surface above the plume.

Is Flume a real word?

The term flume comes from the Old French word flum from the Latin flumen meaning a river. It was formerly used for a stream and particularly for the tail of a mill race.

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What is the fire plume comprised of?

A natural fire forms a fire plume which consists of three regions – the persistent flame the intermittent flame and the buoyant plume.

What is Class Charlie fire?

A Class C fire is a fire that involves electrical equipment electrical appliances or electrical wiring. They are caused by energized electrical elements such as damaged power cors or overloaded electrical outlets.

What is a sentence for plume?

(1) A black plume of smoke rose above the city. (2) She writes under the nom de plume of Alison Cooper. (3) A radioactive plume could reach the city within hours. (4) A plume of smoke rose from the chimney.

Has UK ever been hit by a hurricane?

During the autumn of 2017 Ireland and the United Kingdom were hit by Hurricane Ophelia which had completed its transition into an extratropical cyclone shortly before its landfall in Ireland and subjected the island to hurricane-force winds. … This also cut off internet for some households across the UK.

Has there ever been a tornado in the UK?

Although rare there have been a few strong tornadoes that have caused significant damage in the UK. … While in December 2006 a tornado in Kensal Green North-West London wrecked property to the tune of £10million. In October 2013 a tornado caused damage to about 100 homes on Hayling Island in Hampshire.

Which natural disaster killed the most?

The 10 most significant natural disasters worldwide by death toll from 1980 to 2019
Characteristic Death toll
Earthquake tsunami (Thailand* December 26 2004) 220 000
Earthquake (Haiti January 12 2010) 159 000
Cyclone Nargis storm surge (Myanmar May 2-5 2008) 140 000

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What is a Spanish plume?

Hervé – Cœur poids plume (Clip Officiel)

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