What Egyptian Queen Was Buried Alive

What Egyptian Queen Was Buried Alive?

A British archaeologist believes ancient Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti may be buried behind a secret door inside of King Tut’s tomb.Aug 13 2015

Who was buried alive in ancient Egypt?

The retainers found in the tombs of this period were mainly young males. Those around the age of 20 who were most likely a part of the royal guard. The women buried in the tombs were most probably servants concubines and wives.

Was the body of Nefertiti ever found?

Although Nefertiti was one of the most famous women in ancient Egypt her body has never been found.

What happened to King Tut’s wife after he died?

Initially she may have been married to her father and it is possible that upon the death of Tutankhamun she was married briefly to Tutankhamun’s successor Ay who is believed by some to be her maternal grandfather.

Where is Queen Nefertiti’s mummy?

The mummy also has been given the designation KV35YL (“YL” for “Younger Lady”) and 61072 and currently resides in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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