What Does Versailles Mean In French

What Does Versailles Mean In French?

/ (vɛəˈsaɪ -ˈseɪlz French vɛrsɑj) / noun. a city in N central France near Paris: site of an elaborate royal residence built for Louis XIV seat of the French kings (1682–1789).

What is the meaning of Palace of Versailles?

[ (ver-seye vuhr-seye) ] A large royal residence built in the seventeenth century by King Louis XIV of France in Versailles near Paris. The palace with its lavish gardens and fountains is a spectacular example of French classical architecture. The Hall of Mirrors is particularly well known.

Is Versailles a name?

The name Versailles is a girl’s name. This French place name which may derive from a word meaning “plowed land” is occasionally used for girls. It is best-known for two things: the grand Palace of Versailles the historic seat of the French royal family and the Treaty of Versailles which ended the First World War.

How do you say Versailles in French?


But first timers would be forgiven for pronouncing it “Ver-saylz” given there’s two letters Ls in there. The real pronunciation is more like “Ver-sye”.

What is synonyms for Versailles?

  • urban center
  • city
  • metropolis
  • palace.

What is Versailles famous for?

Versailles just outside Paris is a majestic French city with deep royal roots renowned internationally for its palace and gardens. The journey from the French capital can be made in under an hour – and to discover a rich history and some of the country’s most spectacular architecture it’s well worth the trip.

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How far outside of Paris is Versailles?

It is easy to visit Versailles from Paris. The distance is only 20 kilometers far enough to feel like a bucolic escape but short enough that Parisian mobs were able to march to Versailles by foot in the days leading up to the French Revolution.

Who built Versaille?

Louis XIII built a simple hunting lodge on the site of the Palace of Versailles in 1623 and replaced it with a small château in 1631–34. Louis XIV expanded the château into a palace in several phases from 1661 to 1715.

What country is Versailles in?

Versailles town and capital of Yvelines département Île-de-France région north-central France 14 miles (22 km) southwest of Paris.

Who was the last king of France?

Louis XVI

Louis XVI was the only king of France ever to be executed and his death brought an end to more than a thousand years of continuous French monarchy.
Louis XVI
Names Louis Auguste de France
House Bourbon
Father Louis Dauphin of France
Mother Maria Josepha of Saxony

Where did the name Versailles come from?

The argument over the etymology of Versailles tends to privilege the Latin word versare meaning “to keep turning turn over and over” an expression used in medieval times for plowed lands cleared lands (lands that had been repeatedly “turned over”).

What is the meaning of czar in Russia?

1 : emperor specifically : the ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution. 2 : one having great power or authority a banking czar.

How do you spell Versailles?

How dirty was Versailles?

Despite its reputation for magnificence life at Versailles for both royals and servants was no cleaner than the slum-like conditions in many European cities at the time. Women pulled up their skirts up to pee where they stood while some men urinated off the balustrade in the middle of the royal chapel.

Who lived in Versailles?

From 1682 it became the main residence of the French Court and government. Louis XIV moved not only the aristocracy to Versailles but also the main body of administration.

Is Versailles a real place?

Palace of Versailles former French royal residence and centre of government now a national landmark. It is located in the city of Versailles Yvelines département Île-de-France région northern France 10 miles (16 km) west-southwest of Paris.

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How big is Versailles?

The Palace of Versailles cover an area of 8 150 265 square meters (87 728 720 square feet) or 2 014 acres making it the World’s Largest Royal Domain. The palace itself contains 67 002 square meters (721 206 square feet) of floorspace.

Is Versailles worth?

Is the Palace of Versailles worth visiting? Definitely! While it will require some planning it is definitely worth a visit. You’ll learn a lot about French history and see one of the most incredible buildings in the world.

Can you stay at Versailles?

You Can Now Stay in the Only Hotel on the Grounds of Château de Versailles. The experience even comes with a dedicated butler. … Guests will also be given exclusive access to Versailles’ sites such as daily private tours of normally closed-off areas.

What happened to Versailles?

The Palace of Versailles was declared the official royal residence in 1682 and the official residence of the court of France on May 6 1682 but it was abandoned after the death of Louis XIV in 1715. … Following the French Revolution the complex was nearly destroyed.

How many kings lived in Versailles?

Not only did the immediate royal family reside there but the palace also housed many members of the French nobility as well as all official government offices. Up to 3 000 princes courtesans ministers and servants lived there at any given time.

Is there still French royalty?

France is a Republic and there’s no current royal family recognized by the French state. Still there are thousands of French citizens who have titles and can trace their lineage back to the French Royal Family and nobility.

How old is Versailles?


Is Versailles safe?

Versailles is in the 56th percentile for safety meaning 44% of cities are safer and 56% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Versailles’s proper boundaries only. See the table on nearby places below for nearby cities.

Does anyone live in Versailles now?

Opened June 1 the Airelles Château de Versailles Le Grand Contrôle occupies three historic buildings on the renowned estate best known as the royal residence from which King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were removed in 1789 during the French Revolution. …

Was Louis Philippe related to Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria was on friendly terms with the family of King Louis-Philippe of France to whom she was related by marriage: the King’s daughter Princess Louise was the second wife of Queen Victoria’s uncle King Leopold I of the Belgians and one of King Louis-Philippe’s sons the Duke of Nemours married Queen …

How old was Marie Antoinette when she married?

14 years old
The 11th daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Maria Theresa Marie-Antoinette was just 14 years old when she was married to the dauphin Louis grandson of France’s King Louis XV on May 16 1770.Oct 29 2021

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What happened to the son of Marie Antoinette?

Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI lost two children before they lost their crowns. … In the summer of 1789 Marie and Louis were devastated when heir Louis Joseph died aged just seven. A bright but sickly child he likely died from tuberculosis of the spine.

Which Louis built Versailles?

Louis XIV
Louis XIV built the extravagant Palace of Versailles Beginning in 1661 the king transformed the royal hunting lodge in Versailles where he played as a boy into a monument of royal opulence. In 1682 Louis XIV officially moved his court to the lavish palace at Versailles 13 miles outside of Paris.Aug 31 2015

Is the word czar offensive?

One explanation for use of the term is that while the American public rebels at terms like “king” and “dictator” associating them with King George III or fascist figures of World War II the term “czar” is foreign distant and exotic enough to be acceptable.

Can a woman be a czar?

Tsarina or tsaritsa (also spelled csarina or csaricsa tzarina or tzaritza or czarina or czaricza Russian: царина царица Bulgarian: царица) is the title of a female autocratic ruler (monarch) of Bulgaria Serbia or Russia or the title of a tsar’s wife.

Does ZAR mean king?

or tsar tzar

an emperor or king. (often initial capital letter) the former emperor of Russia. an autocratic ruler or leader. any person exercising great authority or power in a particular field: a czar of industry.

Why was Versailles built?

Louis XIV wanted to show that France could produce mirrors just as fine as those produced in Italy and consequently all the mirrors of that hall were made on French soil.” … Scholars have suggested a number of factors that led him to build a great palace complex at Versailles and move the French government there.

How do you pronounce Alsace in French?

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