What Does On The Horizon Mean

What’s the meaning of on the horizon?

Definition of on the horizon

: coming in the near future Scientists believe that a major breakthrough is on the horizon.

Do you say on the horizon or in the horizon?

Senior Member. You need to say on the horizon. I suppose at the horizon could mean at the same distance from here as the horizon. At is appropriate for a static place the horizon is the outline of the Earth at the furthest point one can see.

What is horizon explain with example?

The definition of horizon is the area where the earth and sky look as if they come together or how far your interests and knowledge stretch. An example of horizon is the area where the sky and earth appear to merge into one sea of blue. An example of horizon is a person who has never travelled outside of his own town.

What does took everyone’s breath away mean?

inspire someone with awed respect or delight astonish someone. 1988 Janet Frame The Carpathians The speed of the process took everyone’s breath away.

What does love on the horizon mean?

phrase. If something is on the horizon it is almost certainly going to happen or be done quite soon.

What does hope on the horizon mean?

1 sometimes pl a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfilment. his hope for peace was justified their hopes were dashed. 2 a reasonable ground for this feeling.

What does chasing the horizon mean?

The real challenge of this poem is that ‘a man’ is not pursuing a highly unlikely goal he is pursuing the horizon something that is constant and cannot be reached. The man is chasing an impossible dream.

How do you explain horizon to a child?

The horizon (from Greek orizein to limit) is the line that separates earth from sky. But at many places the true horizon cannot be seen as there are trees buildings mountains and so forth. The line is then called visible horizon.

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How far can I see on the horizon?

How far is the horizon in miles? The furthest distance to the horizon that the human eye can see varies slightly depending on a person’s height. In miles the horizon is approximately 3.1 miles away.

How far can you see on the horizon on the ocean?

At sea level the curvature of the earth limits the range of vision to 2.9 miles. The formula for determining how many miles an individual can see at higher levels is the square root of his altitude times 1.225.

What is the meaning of left in the cold?

: to leave (someone) in a bad position : to not give (someone) the rights or advantages that are given to others The changes benefit management but leave the workers out in the cold.

What does the idiom put your foot down mean?

to refuse very firmly to do or accept something. Things can’t carry on like this you’ll have to put your foot down.

What is the meaning of let off the hook?

Definition of let (someone) off the hook

: to allow (someone who has been caught doing something wrong or illegal) to go without being punished If you ask me they let him off the hook too easily.

What is the meaning of expanding horizons?

expand (one’s) horizons

To have or seek out new experiences especially if one’s experiences have been relatively limited. I’m really nervous to live at school but I know I need to expand my horizons and get some experience living without my family.

How do over the horizon radars work?

How a skywave OTH radar works: A powerful shortwave signal from a large transmitting antenna (left) reaches a target beyond the horizon by refracting off the ionosphere and the echo signal from the target (right) returns to the receiving antenna by the same route.

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What does change on the horizon mean?

soon to happen: The change of government means that there are new developments on the horizon.

What do you know about the horizon?

The horizon is the apparent line that separates the surface of a celestial body from its sky when viewed from the perspective of an observer on or near the surface of the relevant body. This line divides all viewing directions based on whether it intersects the relevant body’s surface or not.

What is the music to my ears?

COMMON If something that someone says is music to your ears you are very happy to hear it. That must have been music to your ears Carlo to hear how much they respect you. … ‘ — `Music to my ears.

What does over the horizon mean military?

“We have what’s called over-the-horizon capabilities which means we can strike terrorists and targets without American boots on the ground ” President Biden has said repeatedly since Taliban forces completed their conquest of Afghanistan.

When was I saw a man pursuing the horizon written?


This poem was published in 1905 in the volume The Black Rider & Other Lines. I saw a man pursuing the horizon Round and round they sped.

How do you use horizon in a sentence?

Horizon sentence example
  1. The sun peeked over the desert horizon to the east. …
  2. The sun lingered on the horizon as if waiting for the closing clouds. …
  3. Cassie glanced at Bordeaux who was watching the horizon apprehensively.

How do you speak to horizon?

How do you use the word horizon?

(1) The mountains rolled away to a distant horizon. (2) Rain clouds were looming on the horizon. (3) They vanished into the haze near the horizon. (4) The sun appeared on the horizon.

What is mean by horizon in physics?

The horizon is a visible line that separates all viewing lines depending on whether or not it intersects the Earth’s surface. The study of the horizon is called horizon astronomy. The horizon definition in astronomy is defined as the particular line which can only be observed when it lies on the sea surface.

What is the difference between horizon and coast?

Coast- The place where land and sea meet is called sea coast. Horizon- The place where the sea and the sky appear to meet is called Horizon.

Where does the horizon meet the sky?

The local horizon also called the geometrical horizon is the visible boundary between the Earth and sky. The local horizon may include trees buildings and mountains. The geographic horizon is the apparent boundary between the Earth and sky.

How far is the horizon on the moon?

The Moon is even smaller with a radius of only 1737.4 km meaning on the moon the horizon is only 2.43 km away. Take a closer look at those Apollo photographs from the surface of the Moon. You can actually see that. If you were standing on the Moon you really would notice that it’s much smaller than Earth!

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How far can you see on the horizon on a clear day?

(Image credit: NOAA.) On a clear day you can see for miles and miles and miles. The old saying turns out to be just about true. For a six-foot (182.88 centimeters) tall person the horizon is a little more than 3 miles (5 kilometers) away.

Can you see 50 miles away?

The farthest point you can see is about 3 miles out. 6 miles: The average 747 passenger plane flies at about 6.6 miles up in the air. 50 miles: On clear days city buildings can be seen from 50 miles away (if you’re standing on the ground).

At what altitude can you see the entire earth?

If you just want to see from one horizon to the other all at once with no regard for what fraction of the Earth’s surface you are actually viewing you need to be about 409.27 miles above the surface assuming you have an average-sized visual field.

What’s the meaning of cloud nine?

Definition of cloud nine

: a feeling of well-being or elation —usually used with on still on cloud nine weeks after winning the championship. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cloud nine.

What is the meaning of the idiom against the clock?

In a great hurry as fast as possible as in With her term paper due on Monday she was racing against the clock to finish it or They were working against time to stay on schedule.

What is the saying have your cake and eat it?

It means you can’t eat a cake and continue to possess that cake once you’ve consumed it. The use of the phrase therefore is to tell someone that they can’t have two good things that don’t normally go together at the same time like eating a cake and then continuing to possess that same cake so you can eat later.

What does to put one’s shoulder to the wheel mean?

Work hard make a strenuous effort as in We’ll have to put our shoulder to the wheel to get this job done. This metaphoric term alluding to pushing a heavy vehicle that has bogged down has been used figuratively since the late 1700s.

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