What Does Jack Think Is Following Him In The Forest

What Does Jack Think Is Following Him In The Forest?

Jack is essentially saying that he feels like the beast is following him in the forest while he is alone. Jack’s feelings of vulnerability and dread are simply his imagination and fear of being in the forest alone.

What feeling does Jack have when he is alone in the forest?

Jack feels the urge to stalk and hunt so strongly that it is visceral much like a hunger in his gut. It would be logical that by the process of projection he would assume other people felt the same way as himself. Remember also that the jungle is personified up…

What is Jack doing in the woods and what does he find?

What is Jack doing in the woods? He was hunting the pigs. What is Ralph doing while Jack is in the woods? He is trying to build the shelters with Simon.

What did Jack become obsessed with doing in the forest?

Jack obsessed with the idea of killing a pig camouflages his face with clay and charcoal and enters the jungle to hunt accompanied by several other boys.

How does Jack feel when he is hunting?

What is the feeling Jack has as he is hunting? … He feels as though something is hunting him. He understands how the Littluns feel as they fear the “beastie.”

How does Jack feel about the forest?

Jack is essentially saying that he feels like the beast is following him in the forest while he is alone. Jack’s feelings of vulnerability and dread are simply his imagination and fear of being in the forest alone.

What was Jack hunting for?

What is Jack doing? He is wearing tattered shorts. Now he has sun burns longer and lighter hair. He is hunting for pigs.

What is Jack’s appearance compared to what do you think this shows about Jack?

What is Jack’s appearance compared to? An idol. After the boys eat what question does Jack ask everyone? “Who is going to join my tribe.”

What is Jack doing at the beginning of the chapter What does this reveal about his character?

Jack is hunting at the beginning of the chapter. It shows that he is bloodthirsty obssessed with finding the kill. He is obsessed with getting meat for the group.

What is Jack doing at the start of the chapter?

At the beginning of chapter 3 Jack is in his element as he is stalking or “hunting ” moving about “dog-like” with a stick sharpened to enable him to kill a pig and provide meat for the boys.

What is Henry doing when Roger watches him?

What is Henry doing while Roger watches him? Henry was throwing stones while Roger is watching him.

What is Henry doing when Roger comes upon him?

What is Henry doing when Roger comes upon him? He is poking at sea creatures in the water. What happens to Percival one of the little ones? He takes a mental break and goes crazy he stays in one of the shelters for two days.

What did Jack look like as he hunted?

In terms of his physical appearance Jack is described as having sandy hair which is getting longer as well as lighter. His back is covered in freckles and he is peeling from a sunburn. He is clothed only in a pair of shorts and he carries a sharpened stick which is intended to be used as a weapon.

What is Jack’s compulsion in Lord of the Flies?

Jack begins to change slowly and develops a crazy and violent side. We see this when his hunting job starts to take over his mind and we are told Jack had a “compulsion to track down and kill things that was swallowing him up”.

How does Jack behave when he is hunting or talking about hunting?

How does Jack act when hunting? Jack does act when hunting by being silent and creeping close to the ground to look for pig. … Jack does understand the littluns’ fear of the “beastie” because when finding a pig to kill you can feel as if you’re not hunting but – being hunted.

What does Jack think is more important than shelters and fire?

Ralph is concerned with the shelters and signal fire which are essential for survival and rescue while Jack is only concerned about hunting. … When Ralph asks Jack to help with the shelters Jack refuses saying that meat and hunting is more important to the tribe.

Why can’t Jack get the pig on his spear?

Jack goes on to say that he should fashion barbs at the end of his spear since the spear continually falls out after it hits the pig. Essentially Jack cannot get his spear to remain in the pig because it is too sleek and there is nothing to grab hold of the pig’s flesh.

Does Jack believe in the snake thing?

Jack then seizes the conch and confidently says that if there is a snake-thing or beastie on the island his hunters will kill it. He also says that while they are hunting pigs his hunters will look for the beastie too. Jack’s response is typical and illustrates his affinity for hunting and killing.

Is Simon afraid of the forest?

Simon is the only boy who doesn’t seem to be afraid of the forest—probably because he knows he’s safer alone than with the other boys.

What are Jack’s thoughts on the rescue?

Lord of the Flies Chapter 3
Question Answer
What are Jack’s thought on the rescue? Jack is more concerned with hunting and at this point being rescued has become an afterthought.
Where must the pigs be hiding during the hot day? During the day the pigs run back into the jungle to protect themselves from the hot sun.

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How would you describe Jack?

Jack is described by Golding as “tall thin and bony and his hair was red beneath the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled and ugly without silliness. Out of this face stared two light blue eyes frustrated now and turning or ready to turn to anger.”Jack is the leading advocate of anarchy on the island.

What bad things did Jack do in Lord of the Flies?

By starting his own tribe stealing Piggy’s glasses and allowing the hunters to terrorize the littluns Jack effectively destabilizes Ralph’s leadership. By the end of the book Jack has given in completely to his savage nature overseeing the violent murder of Simon the torture of Wilfred and the killing of Piggy.

How has Jack’s appearance changed since he arrived on the island?

Jack’s appearance has changed since last year because his hair has grown and become lighter from being in the sun and he has many freckles and sunburn as well.

What does Jack physically look like at this point in the novel and why?

He is described as having red hair and blue eyes with plenty of freckles and a face that looks “crumpled.” Golding says his face is “ugly without silliness.” By this one can infer that Golding means that Jack is ugly in an unpleasant way.

Why did Jack think he should be the leader?

Why does Jack think he should be the chief? Jack believes he is superior to Ralph because of his status back home. He states “I ought to be chief . . . because I’m chapter chorister and head boy.” Later Jack thinks he should be chief because he is a strong hunter.

What does Jack look like at the beginning of Chapter 3?

What is Jack doing at the beginning of Chapter 3? He was bent down with his nose only a few inches from the humid earth. How does Jack look now physically? His sandy hair has gotten lighter and longer and his back is a mass of dark freckles and sunburns.

Why do you think Jack had to think for a moment before he could remember what rescue was?

Jack had to think for a moment before he could remember what rescue was. Flower and fruit grew together on the same tree and everywhere was the scent of ripeness and the blooming of a million bees at pasture. He became absorbed beyond mere happiness as he felt himself exercising control over living things.

How does Jack view the island?

Jack sees the island as a means to an end whether it’s the killing of pigs or the killing of Piggy. All that matters is that it provides him with the resources necessary to grab maintain and consolidate absolute power over the other boys.

What was Henry doing at the water’s edge?

Henry is indeed playing with the “transparancies” at the water’s edge-most likely some kind of small jellyfish or perhaps some species of clear crustaceans found near the island. He is poking them with a stick creating channels in the sand that flood with water.

Who finds Piggy’s glasses for him in Chapter 4?


Piggy rails on them for being irresponsible so naturally Jack punches Piggy in the face. Simon finds the glasses and reveals that a lens is broken which leaves Piggy with vision in just one eye. Oops.

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Who throws rocks at Henry Why does he miss with his throws?

Roger throws rocks around Henry because of his “superego” insists that he doesn’t throw the rocks at Henry. He throws the rocks due to their being no parental authority telling him not to but he himself doesn’t hit Henry with the rocks because that isn’t how Roger grew up to behave as when he was learning as a child.

In what way is Jack’s mask a symbol?

Jack’s painted mask also symbolically represents his transformation from a civilized English boy to a bloodthirsty savage. Once Jack paints his face he is completely transformed and no longer thinks or behaves like a rational person.

What is Jack doing to himself and why?

What is Jack doing to himself and why? Camouflaging himself so the pigs won’t see him. He uses clay and charcoal to paint his face red white and black.

What happened to Percival in Lord of the Flies Chapter 4?

Finally Jack loses patience and even though he doesn’t have the conch approaches Percival and grills him about the beast shaking him and asking him where he thinks the beast lives. All the emotional venting as well as the lateness of the hour makes Percival sleepy and he begins to yawn and stagger.

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