What Does Gales Mean

What is the meaning of word gales?

1 : a strong wind. 2 : a wind of from about 32 to 63 miles per hour (about 51 to 101 kilometers per hour) 3 : an outburst of amusement gales of laughter.

What is the meaning of strong gales?

Definition of strong gale

: wind having a speed of 47 to 54 miles (75 to 87 kilometers) per hour — see Beaufort Scale Table.

How do you use Gale in a sentence?

Gale sentence example
  1. The “Monitor” was lost in a gale off Cape Hatteras on the 31st of December 1862. …
  2. It blew a very strong gale last night and couldn’t sleep much. …
  3. In the morning it came on to blow a gale of wind.

What does blowing a gale mean?

phrase​British. DEFINITIONS1. to be very windy (=with very strong winds) I’m not going out – it’s blowing a gale out there. Synonyms and related words.

What is mean by soft gales?

Gales are strong winds and thus cause for concern. Soft gales while still powerful are probably the least concerning type as the application of the word “soft” implies that they don’t blow as hard and thus can do less damage. soobee72pl and 2 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 1.

Is Gale a name?

Gale is a given name. It has seen masculine and feminine use consecutively in the United States. Gale as a man’s name is from an English surname ultimately from Middle English gaile “jovial”. … It can also be used as a form of the name Galen a name derived from that of the ancient Greek physician meaning “tranquil.”

What do u mean by dawn?

dawned dawning dawns. Essential Meaning of dawn. 1 : to begin to become light as the sun rises They waited for the day to dawn. 2 : to start or begin A new age/era is dawning. 3 : to begin to be understood Suddenly the truth dawns.

What do you mean by alarming?

Definition of alarming

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: causing people to feel danger or alarm or to be worried or frightened alarming news The statistics revealed an alarming increase in childhood obesity.

What is the word meaning of atrocious?

1 : extremely wicked brutal or cruel : barbaric prisoners subjected to atrocious treatment. 2 : appalling horrifying the atrocious weapons of modern war an atrocious accident. 3a : utterly revolting : abominable atrocious working conditions atrocious weather.

What is the difference between a storm and a gale?

is that gale is (meteorology) a very strong wind more than a breeze less than a storm number 7 through 9 winds on the 12-step beaufort scale while storm is (meteorology) a wind scale for very strong wind stronger than a gale less than a hurricane (10 or higher on the beaufort scale).

Does gale mean light?

A Gale is a type of Wind Description preceded by Calm Light Air light Breeze Gentle Breeze Moderate Breeze Fresh Breeze Strong Breeze and succeeded by Storm Violent Storm and Hurricane on a Beaufort Wind Scale.

How do you use Abash in a sentence?

Abash in a Sentence ?
  1. The officer tried to abash the inmates humiliating them and treating them like dogs.
  2. Daniel’s tendency to abash his wife left her embarrassed and thinking about divorce.
  3. Though he claims he didn’t mean to abash his brother the man has a long history of embarrassing him in public.

What is a Scottish hoolie?

informalScottish. if it is blowing a hooley there is a storm with very strong winds.

How do you spell gail as in wind?

  1. 1. ( Physical Geography) a strong wind specifically one of force seven to ten on the Beaufort scale or from 45 to 90 kilometres per hour.
  2. 2. ( often plural) a loud outburst esp of laughter.
  3. archaic poetic a gentle breeze.

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What is Gale pronunciation?

/ɡeɪl/ /ɡeɪl/ Idioms. ​an extremely strong wind. The gale blew down hundreds of trees.

What is meant by heavens wide arch?

Look at the expressions ‘heaven’s wide arch and ‘returning march’. What does the poet describe here? … The poet describes here the sky and the return of the sun in the morning. It reminds me of a king returning after a long absence or even my own returning to life in the morning after the night’s sleep.

Which part of speech is Gale?


part of speech: noun
definition 1: a strong wind of about thirty to sixty miles per hour. The gale sent the fishing boat far off its course.The tree was knocked to the ground by the gale. synonyms: blast squall tempest similar words: wind

What was the sweet look that had captured HW Longfellow’s attention?

Longfellow. When the poet stood on the hills the sky looked like an arch of bright sunshine to him. It was the moment of the sun’s return to the western horizon and the tall trees sparkle brilliantly in the golden sunshine and the forests dance in the breeze. The poet looks down to see the clouds bathed in the sun.

What is the best girl name?

Top Baby Girl Names
  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Ava.
  • Charlotte.
  • Sophia.
  • Amelia.
  • Isabella.
  • Mia.

What is Gale’s last name?


Gale’s last name is Hawthorne. He is one of Katniss’ only friends in District Twelve. Before Katniss is taken away to fight in the Hunger Games she…

Where does the last name gales come from?

It was a name given to a person who was known for their cheerful personality and their jovial disposition. The surname Gales was originally derived form the Old English word gal which described a person as being pleasant and merry.

What is dorm short for?

A dorm — short for dormitory — is a place where college or university students live. You’ll find a lot of bunk beds in most dorms.

Is Dawning a real word?

daybreak dawn. beginning start: the dawning of the space age.

What is the correct guide words for wash?

1 clean lave rinse launder mop swab. 4 bedew.

What does pre disposed mean?

1 : to dispose in advance a good teacher predisposes children to learn. 2 : to make susceptible malnutrition predisposes one to disease. intransitive verb. : to bring about susceptibility.

What does it mean to disconcert someone?

Definition of disconcert

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transitive verb. 1 : to throw into confusion disconcerting their plans. 2 : to disturb the composure of were disconcerted by his tone of voice.

What does very disconcerting mean?

adjective. disturbing to one’s composure or self-possession upsetting discomfiting. confusing usually in the face of something totally unexpected perplexing.

What is a precocious person?

unusually advanced or mature in development especially mental development: a precocious child. prematurely developed as the mind faculties etc. of or relating to premature development.

What does storm jib mean?

Filters. (nautical) A small jib used in a storm to reduce the sail area to the minimum required for maintaining manoeuvrability of the vessel.

Is atrocious good or bad?

Atrocious is a great word but there’s nothing good about its meaning or its synonyms: horrible ugly abominable dreadful unspeakable and monstrous to name just a few.

What is stronger than a gale?

is that gale is (meteorology) a very strong wind more than a breeze less than a storm number 7 through 9 winds on the 12-step beaufort scale while storm is (meteorology) a wind scale for very strong wind stronger than a gale less than a hurricane (10 or higher on the beaufort scale).

Why are winds called Gail Force?

The word gale possibly originates from the Old Norse word galinn which means “mad” “frantic ” or “bewitched.” Weather forecasters sometimes use the term “gale-force winds” to describe conditions that aren’t quite as extreme as hurricanes or tropical storms but probably fierce enough to snap your kite in half.

Which is stronger a gale or wind?

gale wind that is stronger than a breeze specifically a wind of 28–55 knots (50–102 km per hour) corresponding to force numbers 7 to 10 on the Beaufort scale. As issued by weather service forecasters gale warnings occur when forecasted winds range from 34 to 47 knots (63 to 87 km per hour).

What type of word is Gale?


A very strong wind more than a breeze less than a storm number 7 through 9 winds on the 12-step Beaufort scale. An outburst especially of laughter.

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