How To Study For The Afoqt

How To Study For The Afoqt?

One of the most effective ways to study for the test is to study the format of the AFOQT itself. In the same way that it’s helpful to know the format of the SAT or GRE knowing the layout of the AFOQT can help you organize your study time and get a higher score. The AFOQT is divided into sections.

How long does it take to study for Afoqt?

With 6 weeks to prepare a study plan for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) you can think about dividing your study time into two parts. During the first two weeks focus on mastering your approach to each type of question on the AFOQT.

What is a good score for Afoqt?

Minimum Scores

All applicants taking the AFOQT must score a minimum of 15 in Verbal and 10 in Quantitative. For aspiring pilot applicants you must score a minimum of 25 in pilot 10 in navigator and possess a combined pilot-navigator score of 50.

What level of math is on the Afoqt?

This section tests your ability to use basic arithmetic to solve a variety of math problems including word problems. It is necessary to study topics such as geometry proportions ratios mixtures integers percentages and time-distance in this section.

What happens if you fail the Afoqt twice?

Officer candidates can retake the AFOQT if they do not pass on the fist try. It must be noted that they will have to wait 150 days before taking the test again. In addition the score they achieve on the retake is the one the Air Force will consider for qualification.

Is the Afoqt harder than the Asvab?

The ASVAB taken by anyone wishing to enlist in any branch of the military and the AFOQT strictly for those who want to become an officer in the Air Force both test your knowledge in various ways. The AFOQT is considered more difficult as it is a more specialized test.

Do you get a calculator on Afoqt?

Are You Allowed to Use A Calculator on the AFOQT? In a word: no. Calculators smart phones/watches tablets personal electronic devices of any kind are all prohibited per the official ‘What to Expect’ PowerPoint slide released by the Air Force Officer Personnel Center (AFPC).

What is the GPA requirement for Air Force officer?

Meet minimum Air Force Officer Qualification Test (AFOQT) scores and grade point Average (GPA). The AFOQT minimum of 10 or higher on the Quantitative score and 15 or higher on the Verbal score is mandatory for all applicants. Minimum GPA for rated and non-rated applicants is 2.50.

What is the age limit for OTS?

18 to 42 years

1. Conditions of Eligibility: Age Limits: 18 to 42 years other than medical officer.

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Is it hard to join the airforce as an officer?

All of the Air Force enlisted commissioning programs are very competitive. In fact it’s probably harder to get a commission in the Air Force than any other service branch. … The Air Force also likes their officers to have a very high college GPA (3.2 or above is considered competitive).

Is the Afoqt computer based?

AFOQT stands for Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. … This exam is computer-based and consists of 550 multiple-choice items. You will be given 5 hours to complete it. You will not be penalized for answering a question incorrectly only given credit for questions you get correct.

What Asvab score do you need to be a pilot in the Air Force?


A minimum score of 25 on the pilot portion 10 in the navigator portion and a combined score of 50 for both the pilot and navigator portion is required to be considered for a pilot slot.

What subjects are on Afoqt?

The AFOQT takes approximately five hours to complete and contains 550 questions divided into 12 subtests:
  • Verbal Analogies.
  • Arithmetic Reasoning.
  • Word Knowledge.
  • Math Knowledge.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Situational Judgement.
  • Self-Description Inventory.
  • Physical Science.

What is the minimum passing score for the Afoqt?


What is the minimum passing score for the AFOQT? All aspiring U.S. Air Force officers must attain a minimum score of 15 in the Verbal section and a 10 in the Quantitative section for the AFOQT test. For those who want to become a pilot CSO ABM or some other career path additional composite scores are required.

When can I retake the Afoqt?

150 days

Because you can retake the AFOQT. It should be noted that you must wait 150 days before retaking the test. In addition the score you receive in the retake is the score that the Air Force considers for competency. You have the opportunity to choose AFOQT for the third time if needed.

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Can you take the Afoqt more than once?

You are allowed to take the AFOQT only twice in your lifetime. If you would like to re-test to aim for higher scores you must consider that there is also the possibility of lower scores. The most recent AFOQT score is the only one that counts.

What is the acceptance rate for Air Force OTS?

The current acceptance rate for Air Force Officer Training School is 65%. Though the acceptance rate is not extremely low it does reject plenty of candidates. The Air Force expects high performance in college with a 3.2 GPA or higher for a better likelihood of getting accepted.

Is Asvab harder than SAT?

Although some sections are similar with the ACT/SAT the ASVAB has key differences. … The ASVAB math sections (Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge) do not cover as many topics as the SAT and ACT suggesting it is not designed to be as difficult.

What does Afoqt stand for?

The AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) is aimed specifically at individuals seeking entry into the United States Air Force. The Air Force has designated the AFOQT as a required step for incoming officers so as to prove they have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill their duties properly.

Can you use scratch paper on Afoqt?

Other helpful nuggets of Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT ) Day information provided on said slide include: Pencils & scratch paper will be provided (bring an extra #2 pencil and some paper – just in case) All AFOQT Test Questions are multiple choice (4-5 possible answers per question)

Do you get a formula sheet on the Afoqt?

First and foremost you should understand that the AFOQT® Mathematics test does not provide a list of all basic formulas that will be required to know for the test. This means that you will need to be able to recall many math formulas on the AFOQT.

How long is Afoqt valid?

How Long Are My AFOQT Scores Valid? Your AFOQT scores are held indefinitely. However if you take the test again the original scores are no longer valid even if you score lower the next time.

Can you become an officer with a 2.8 GPA?

No GPA requirement just a completion of a minimum B.A. degree. It is 3.0 for non-rated positions and 2.5 for the rated positions. It may be waiver able. A college GPA of 3.0 or higher is required.

The day you start OTS you will be a Staff Sergeant which is pay grade E-5. The day you commission you will be separated as a Staff Sergeant and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant O-1. … The 2017 base pay for an O-1 2 or less TIS is: $3 034.80 per month (taxable).

What is the age limit to be an officer in Air Force?

To join as an Officer you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 39 years of age. To join as a healthcare or ministry professional you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 48 years of age.

Can a 30 year old join the army in India?

Yes you can join territorial army branch of the Indian army. Apart from that if you are a doctor then also you can join army at 30 or even after that. At that age you are not eligible for the regular forces but still you can apply for Territorial Army. For TA your age should be 18 to 42 which is good for you.

Can I join the Navy at 50?

The oldest active duty age limit for the Army is 35 for the Navy 34 for the Marines 29 for the Air Force 39 and for the Coast Guard 27.

Is territorial army a permanent job?

Territorial Army is part time concept with mandatory two months training in a year and does not provide full time career. Serving in Territorial Army do not guarantee pension and the same is subject to embodied service as per organisational requirement.

What is the highest paying Air Force job?

The highest-paid enlisted rank in the Air Force is the E-9 Chief Master Sergeant (CMSAF). The CMSAF’s pay increases automatically every year or two but does not exceed $8 033.10 per month. A promotion to Chief Master Sergeant is hard to achieve.

How do Air Force officers get promoted?

Army and Air Force Reserve officers selected by a mandatory promotion board may be promoted at any time to fill a vacancy to which the officer is assigned and those selected by a vacancy promotion board may be promoted at any time to fill the vacancy for which the officer was selected.

Is it worth becoming an Air Force officer?

Being an officer in the Air Force can be an extremely rewarding experience but it carries heavy responsibilities as well. You must be willing to take orders and to give them and those without very strong leadership abilities will probably not be able to handle a commission.

Is Afoqt online or paper?

Note: The AFOQT is served up in old-fashioned standardized test style. Paper-based scantron bubble sheet & number 2 pencil.

How do I improve my Afoqt score?

Related Article – 12 ASVAB Tips & Tricks To Help You Get The Best Score
  1. AFOQT Tip #1: Take a Practice Exam. …
  2. AFOQT Tip #2: Study in Sections for Subtests. …
  3. AFOQT Tip #4: Time Management.
  4. AFOQT Tip #5: Be Strategic with Your Strengths.
  5. AFOQT Tip #6: Circle Back Around to another Practice Exam.

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What is Acad aptitude?

Academic Aptitude: Comprised of the Verbal Analogies Word Knowledge Arithmetic Reasoning & Math Knowledge Subtests. No minimum score required. Air Battle Manager (ABM): Comprised of the Verbal Analogies Word Knowledge Table Reading Instrument Comprehension Block Counting & Aviation Information Subtests.

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