Can Hermit Crabs Eat Tomatoes?

While hermit crabs can technically eat tomatoes, they do not contain much nutritional value. Therefore, it would be better for them to have more nutritious treats and only feed them tomatoes in small amounts and very rarely.

All animals need a balanced diet, and the same goes for your hermit crabs. In order for them to be able to thrive in a tank, they require the best nourishment. Of course, that includes a well-balanced meal plan and some good treats on occasion.

As it happens, certain fruits and vegetables are perfectly suitable for hermit crabs – however, not all of them have much nutritional value.

Tomatoes, in fact, are some of those veggies. Oddly enough, your hermit crabs likely won’t get much out of them in terms of enjoyment or nutrition so it’s best to keep them out of their tank completely!

Can Hermit Crabs Eat Tomatoes

Do Hermit Crabs Like Tomatoes?

Despite being natural scavengers, hermit crabs can be fussy about what they eat. The only way to see if hermit crabs like tomatoes is to offer them.

If you cut open a tomato, your hermit crabs ate likelier to investigate it. Tomato retains its green leaves is likely to deter hermit crabs. The leaves of the Solanum Lycopersicum plant give tomatoes their distinct aroma, which deters many animals.

Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes for Hermit Crabs?

The benefits for hermit crabs to eating tomatoes are:

Can increase the calcium intake of your hermit crabs. This can help them build a healthy and robust exoskeleton if they eat it raw or harden their carapace (outer shell) when cooked.

It can be used as an emergency food source if you ever find yourself in a situation where there is nothing else to eat.

It can help them recover from an illness and speed up the healing process of any wounds on their bodies.

It can also give your hermit crabs healthier skin when used raw – it can increase their appetite if they are sick or injured, as it is high in Vitamin C, which will make them hungrier and can speed up their recovery.

It can also be used as a supplementary food source to other hermit crab diets such as Hermit Crab Pellets, Hermit Crab Coconut Diet, and even Crushed Clamshells.

Risks Of Tomatoes for Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs may love tomatoes, but it’s essential to be aware of the harmful effects of feeding them to these crabs. These crabs may develop an illness. Additionally, their digestive systems may be unable to handle the high levels of tomato toxins in their diet.

In short, it’s essential to consult with your pet store before giving any fruit or vegetable to your hermit crab. And if you give them tomatoes, do so sparingly and in moderation.

How Often Should Hermit Crabs Eat Tomatoes?

Once a week is more than enough for hermit crabs to eat tomatoes.

The nutritional value of tomatoes doesn’t justify offering them with greater frequency; any more than this is unhealthy due to the acidic nature of tomatoes.

If your hermit crabs show no interest in tomatoes, there are alternatives with more nutritional value while also appealing to the palate. Tomatoes are an optional addition, not an essential.

How To Feed Tomatoes To Hermit Crabs?

For best results, feed hermit crabs small amounts of cooked tomatoes. You can also try giving them a mixture of fresh and cooked fruit or vegetables – be sure to vary the mix enough, so your crab doesn’t get bored.

Wash And Cut The Tomatoes

Wash and cut the tomatoes so hermit crabs can quickly eat them. Make sure the water is clear and fresh, and add small pieces of tomatoes to the hermit crabs’ tank. Do not add salt, sugar, or other spices, as this might irritate their skin.

Serve The Tomatoes With Other Food

Serve the tomatoes with other food to make it more interesting for your hermit crab. You don’t need to feed the hermit crabs tomatoes all the time; you can also serve them with other food items to ensure they get all the essential nutrients they need. Try mixing in lettuce, cucumbers, or any other fresh vegetables.