Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

The answer to our main question is yes; hamsters can eat apples. These fruits are low in fat and high in fiber and vitamins A and C, making them a nutritious addition to your hamster’s diet.

However, keep in mind that apples should only be given as an occasional treat. A half-teaspoon serving size of apple twice per week is sufficient for a hamster.

Despite their nutritional benefits, apples also pose some risks when fed to hamsters. They contain a high amount of sugar which can lead to obesity and diabetes if consumed in large quantities. Furthermore, apple seeds contain cyanide, which is toxic to hamsters.

The Health Benefits of Apples for Hamsters

The first thing to be aware of is that apples are full of vitamin C, which is important for hamsters because it helps promote proper healing and minimizes the risk of these animals’ developing scurvy. Vitamin C also helps optimize the hamster’s immune system and ensure healthy skin.

Like most fruits and vegetables, apples are an excellent source of antioxidants that will help your hamster better fight off disease and illness.

Fiber is another thing that apples have and is essential for a hamster’s digestive system. Being low in calories, apples are a healthy snack option for hamsters that will not contribute to problems such as weight gain and diabetes. A plus is that hamsters seem to love the texture and flavor of apples, both green and red.

can hamsters eat apples

Are There Any Risks of Hamsters Eating Apples?

When introducing any new food into your hamster’s diet there is always a risk of upsetting the digestive system, most commonly causing diarrhea. This can be reduced by introducing new foods very slowly and in tiny amounts.

If you notice that your hamster has a reaction to a new food, then it is best not to continue feeding it as part of his or her diet.

It is a well-known fact that hamsters like to hoard their food, often in a corner in their cage. However, fruit quickly rots and can turn moldy after a few days, which can make your hamster sick if they later eat it.

Therefore, it is best to offer small amounts of apple and remove any uneaten pieces that same day.

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Apples?

Yes, they can. Don’t be fooled by the smaller size of dwarf hamsters; they can eat anything that their bigger Syrian cousins can due to their high metabolism.

However, as dwarf hamsters are more prone to diabetes and apples have high sugar content, restricting the amount to a minimum is highly advised.

Can hamsters eat apple peels or rinds?

Apple peels are very nutritious and contain dietary fiber and vitamins. Therefore, you do not need to remove the peel, as hamsters can safely consume it. It never hurts to wash the apples thoroughly to remove any possible pesticides before feeding them to your pet hamster.

Can hamsters eat apple seeds?

The answer is no; Unlike cantaloupe seeds, apple seeds should never be given to hamsters for ingestion. Apple seeds are recorded to contain cyanide, which is toxic and can cause life-threatening adverse effects when enough quantities of apple seeds are consumed.

On the other hand, humans need to eat a whole lot of apple seeds before they suffer any adverse side effects, but hamsters, due to their small size, may get very sick or even die from eating just a few seeds.

Therefore, it is essential to remove apple seeds when preparing this fruit carefully.

Is it good for hamsters to eat a dried apple?

It is not a good idea for you to feed a dried apple to your hamsters. Because a lot of dried apples contain sweeteners that are very harmful to your hamsters, the dried apples are also sticky and not as nutritious as fresh fruit, so you should not feed dried apples to your hamsters.

How Much Apple Can A Hamster Eat?

So, is there such a thing as too much when it comes to apples? That’s a definite yes – although your pet might disagree.

Here’s how many apples to feed your hamster:

Baby hamsterNone
Adult hamster1 or 2 ½ inch squares of apple

If your hamster eats too many sugary foods, there’s a risk of diarrhea and an upset tummy. If your hamster normally eats fruit, it’s fine to offer the full amount of apple right away – if this is their first time, though, you’ll want to introduce it gradually.

Start by offering half of a ½-inch apple square. That’s basically a small sliver of apple – just enough for a quick (but enjoyable!) nibble. Don’t offer anymore – even if your hammy is begging for it!

Keep an eye out for any signs of digestive trouble including diarrhea. If everything is normal, go ahead and give your hamster a ½ inch apple square next time their feeding schedule calls for fruits or vegetables.

You can double the amount the third time you offer it if you like. Make sure to read the next section carefully since it determines how often to feed apples (and other produce) to your hamster!

How Often Can a Hamster Eat Apple?

It’s necessary to start by giving Hamsters a small quantity twice a week or once daily. Apple served to a hamster should be fresh (when the body is peeled and seeds removed), dried, or dehydrated using an oven.

Dehydrated apples should be given in tiny quantities because it has low levels of water and a high level of sugar, which could upset Hamsters’ stomach, thus leading to diarrhea.

It is also important to remove the apple’s seeds before giving them to your Hamsters because apple seed contains Cyanide, a very toxic substance, and ingestion of it can lead to the pet’s death.

What kinds of apples can hamsters eat?

Hamsters can eat any kind of apple however some of them are sourer than others and you should consider this when feeding them to your hamster.  Apples that are sour contain higher levels of malic acid, commonly known as “apple acid”. 

The number one tarty apple is the Granny Smith so I would avoid giving your hamster this type of apple because of the potential to cause an upset stomach.

We tend to feed our hamster sweeter varieties of apples that contain less apple acid such as Braeburn or Gala apples.