Can Chickens Eat Pickles?

Yes, chickens eat pickles. The first thing to consider is whether or not your chickens will want to actually eat the pickles you toss over the fence. I’ve had chickens that wouldn’t hesitate to eat them before they hit the ground. And I’ve had some hens in my flock that wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole!

But say you have one of those garbage disposal-type chickens (like I have) and you have a jar of expired dill pickles sitting in your fridge. Is it ok for you to toss them over the fence into the chicken pen?

My opinion is yes, it’s ok for chickens to eat pickles. Do you want to feed them a consistent diet of pickles? Of course not.

But in moderation, such as your half-full jar of expired dill pickles, it’s fine. With that said, however, I would imagine there’s about a 50% chance that your chickens won’t even want to eat them once you send them out.

Can Chickens Eat Pickles?

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