Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders?

Yes, bearded dragons can (and probably will, given the opportunity) eat spiders; however, don’t allow this as a common practice. House spiders can carry parasites or pesticides, have less nutritional value than other insects like crickets and locusts, and some types of spiders are poisonous.

Read on to learn more about why spiders aren’t recommended for bearded dragons, which spiders to avoid specifically, and what to feed your beloved beardie instead.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders Without Any Adverse Effect?

Domestic spiders can carry parasites or insecticides, have less nutritional value than other insects such as crickets and locusts, and certain species are poisonous; so the feeding load of spiders, whether from home or from nature is not recommended and may have adverse effects, especially if done regularly.

Please read further to find out more about why spiders are not recommended for bearded dragons, which spiders to avoid specifically, and what to feed your beloved bearded one.

can bearded dragons eat spiders

Why don’t Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders?

While feeding household arachnids to your beardie may seem like a great way to get rid of spiders while providing a meal to your pet, it’s generally not a good idea.

Here are a few key reasons to avoid using spiders as a snack for your bearded dragon:

Spiders May Carry Parasites.

As carnivores, spiders eat other bugs which may carry parasites or have contact with pesticides.

This is also why you should avoid feeding your bearded dragon other household bugs.

Venomous Spiders May Cause Illness.

Bearded dragons are highly unlikely to be harmed by venomous spider bites.  However, ingesting a poisonous one could cause your bearded dragon to become ill.

They’re Not Nutritious For Adult Bearded Dragons (Or The Babies!).

Spiders do not provide the ideal nutrition to keep your pet beardie happy and healthy.  As omnivores, your bearded dragon will need a mixed diet of insects, vegetables, and greens. Fruits served less frequently make excellent treats.

What If My Bearded Dragon Eats Spiders? Should I Be Worried?

 If your bearded dragon eats a house spider, you don’t need to panic right away. Just like any pet, sometimes animals will eat things they shouldn’t.

The reason is that the occasional house spider eaten by your bearded dragon probably won’t pose any problems for you to worry about.

In the unfortunate event, your dragon eventually does eat a spider and you feel anxious, keep a few things in mind to calm you down.

Did you see the type of spider that was eaten? Check online to see if it was the poisonous kind if you did.

If the spider’s system contains poisonous chemicals, the color may give you a hint. Look for bright colors, especially reds and greens.

Is the spider poisonous? if it isn’t poisonous, then you have no reason to panic.

House spiders may carry parasites or insecticides, but eating a non-poisonous spider is unlikely to harm your beard.

If you’re not sure what kind of spider is on the beard menu, keep a close eye on your pet.

Finally, watch for signs of discomfort over the next 24 hours, and contact your veterinarian if you have any cause for concern.