Bad Ozone Is Found In What Layer Of The Atmosphere

Bad Ozone Is Found In What Layer Of The Atmosphere?

the troposphere

Where is bad ozone found in the atmosphere?


“Bad” ozone is found in the troposphere the layer nearest the ground. Tropospheric ozone is a harmful pollutant which forms when sunlight alters various chemicals emitted by humans. “Good” ozone forms in the stratosphere the next higher layer where some jet planes fly.

In which layer of the atmosphere is ozone layer?

the stratosphere

The ozone layer is the common term for the high concentration of ozone that is found in the stratosphere around 15–30km above the earth’s surface. It covers the entire planet and protects life on earth by absorbing harmful ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation from the sun.

In which layer of the atmosphere do you find bad ozone and which layer do you find good ozone?

Ozone occurs both in the Earth’s upper atmosphere and at ground level. Ozone can be good or bad depending on where it is found. Called stratospheric ozone good ozone occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere where it forms a protective layer that shields us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

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What atmospheric layer houses are bad ozone?

The stratosphere

The stratosphere has a higher temperature relative to the other layers since this layer houses the ozone layer. The ozone layer causes an increase in temperature as it absorbs the UV light from the sun.

What is bad ozone layer?

The layer closest to the Earth’s surface is the troposphere. Here ground- level or “bad” ozone is an air pollutant that is harmful to breathe and it damages crops trees and other vegetation. It is a main ingredient of urban smog.

Where does the ozone layer in Earth’s atmosphere come from?

High in the atmosphere some oxygen (O2) molecules absorbed energy from the Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and split to form single oxygen atoms. These atoms combined with molecular oxygen (O2) to form ozone (O3) molecules which are very effective at absorbing UV rays.

Why ozone is found in stratosphere?

Stratospheric “good” ozone

The natural level of ozone in the stratosphere is a result of a balance between sunlight that creates ozone and chemical reactions that destroy it. Ozone is created when the kind of oxygen we breathe—O2—is split apart by sunlight into single oxygen atoms.

How is the ozone layer formed in the atmosphere?

Stratospheric ozone is formed naturally through the interaction of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation with molecular oxygen (O2). The “ozone layer ” approximately 6 through 30 miles above the Earth’s surface reduces the amount of harmful UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.

What is the ozone layer composed of?

three oxygen atoms

The ozone layer also called the stratosphere is composed of the ozone gas (90% of the total ozone in the atmosphere). The ozone has three oxygen atoms and it is the result of the action of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation on oxygen molecules composed of two oxygen atoms.

What is bad ozone Class 10?

Apr 05 2020. Here ground-level or “bad” ozone is an air pollutant that is harmful to breathe and it damages crops trees and other vegetation. … The stratosphere or “good” ozone layer extends upward from about 6 to 30 miles and protects life on Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Is the ozone found in the troposphere bad for us?

Ozone and other air pollutants are common in urban areas in late afternoon. … But in the troposphere near ground-level ozone molecules are both air pollutants threatening the health of living things and greenhouse gases trapping heat and contributing to climate change.

Why is ozone harmful in the troposphere?

Ozone absorbs radiation and consequently acts as a strong greenhouse gas. Tropospheric ozone affects the climate beyond increased warming having impacts on evaporation rates cloud formation precipitation levels and atmospheric circulation.

Where does the ozone layer start?


Most ozone (about 90%) resides in a layer that begins between 6 and 10 miles (10 and 17 kilometers) above the Earth’s surface and extends up to about 30 miles (50 kilometers). This region of the atmosphere is called the stratosphere. The ozone in this region is commonly known as the ozone layer.

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What is ozone pollution?

Ground-level ozone (O 3 ) is regulated by EPA. Ground-level ozone comes from pollution emitted from cars power plants industrial boilers refineries and chemical plants. Ozone pollution can even come from paints cleaners solvents and motorized lawn equipment.

What are the layers of the atmosphere?

The atmosphere can be divided into layers based on its temperature as shown in the figure below. These layers are the troposphere the stratosphere the mesosphere and the thermosphere. A further region beginning about 500 km above the Earth’s surface is called the exosphere.

How is ozone harmful to the environment?

Ozone damages vegetation and ecosystems by inhibiting the ability of plants to open the microscopic pores on their leaves to breathe. It interferes with the photosynthesis process by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide the plants can process and release as oxygen.

Why is ozone bad?

How is Ozone Harmful? … When inhaled ozone can damage the lungs. Relatively low amounts can cause chest pain coughing shortness of breath and throat irritation. Ozone may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections.

How is ozone layer formed in the atmosphere Class 10?

CBSE NCERT Notes Class 10 Biology Our Environment. Ozone is a molecule formed by three atoms of oxygen. … The UV radiations split apart some molecular oxygen (O2) into free oxygen (O) atoms which then combine with the molecular oxygen (O2) to form ozone (O3).

When did the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere form?

Around 600 million years ago

Around 600 million years ago a thin ozone layer formed that was capable of protecting life from harmful wavelengths of UV radiation (wavelengths between 200-300 nm).

Between what altitude is ozone layer found in highest concentration?

Most ozone (about 90%) is found in the stratosphere which begins about 10–15 kilometers (km) above Earth’s surface and extends up to about 50 km altitude. The stratospheric region with the highest concentration of ozone between about 15 and 35 km altitude is commonly known as the “ozone layer” (see Figure Q1-2).

Why is the layer of stratospheric ozone so important?

Stratospheric ozone is biologically important because it selectively absorbs much of the incoming solar electromagnetic radiation within the ultraviolet (UV) range. … Because ozone selectively absorbs these deleterious wavelengths of solar radiation it serves as an ultraviolet shield.

Why ozone is not formed below stratosphere?

This energy heats the air the higher temperature differentiates the stratosphere from the troposphere. … Because the ozone absorbs the higher-energy UV photons no significant amount of ozone forms in the lower part of the atmosphere.

How much ozone is in the stratosphere?

The concentration of ozone in the stratosphere is up to 10ppm: this corresponds to about 12 ozone molecules per million air molecules. The ozone layer is located at an average altitude of 10 to 50 kilometers (see fig.

How is ozone formed in the upper atmosphere What causes its damage?

Ozone is formed in upper atmosphere by the reaction of ultraviolet UV radiations on oxygen O2 molecule. The damage to ozone layer is a cause of concern to us as due to its damage more ultraviolet rays reach the earth’s surface causing various health hazards.

How is ozone formed in the stratosphere quizlet?

Ozone is formed in the stratosphere by the reaction of ultraviolet radiation striking an oxygen molecule. This results in the oxygen molecule splitting apart and forming atomic oxygen (O2 + hv = O + O). … This atomic chlorine then reacts with the ozone in the stratosphere to produce chlorine monoxide (ClO).

What is ozone and where is it in the atmosphere?

Ozone is a gas that is naturally present in our atmosphere. … The remaining ozone (90%) resides in the stratosphere primarily between the top of the troposphere and about 50 kilome- ters (31 miles) altitude. The large amount of ozone in the stratosphere is often referred to as the “ozone layer.”

What has depleted the Earth ozone layer?

ozone depletion gradual thinning of Earth’s ozone layer in the upper atmosphere caused by the release of chemical compounds containing gaseous chlorine or bromine from industry and other human activities.

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What is bad ozone how is it formed?

Bad Ozone.

In the Earth’s lower atmosphere near ground level ozone is formed when pollutants emitted by cars power plants industrial boilers refineries chemical plants and other sources react chemically in the presence of sunlight.

What is bad ozone Class 9?

When present on the Earth’s surface ozone is a very poisonous gas. Hence it is called bad ozone. When present in the stratosphere ozone is very protective as it does not allow harmful ultraviolet radiations to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

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