An Area Where A River Slows Down And Spreads Out Into Many Smaller Channels

What is an area where a river slows down and spreads out into many smaller channels?

A delta extends a river’s mouth into the body of water into which it is emptying. A delta is sometimes divided into two parts: subaqueous and subaerial.

What was the dispute over in the decades old conflict in Sudan that ended in 2005?

mainly flat with a series of plateaus. A decades-old conflict in Sudan that ended in 2005 was based on a dispute over … A border between north and south Sudan.

What is a legacy of the transition zone from colonial past?

One of the legacies of the Transition Zone colonial past is? European powers set up colonial economies that met European rather than African needs. What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference of 1884?

What challenge makes it especially difficult to combat desertification in the transition zone?

To train Africans in water management and agricultural practices. To intervene in a civil war between warring ethnic groups in Africa. Which challenge makes it especially difficult to combat desertification in the Transition Zone? Lack of cooperation among countries.

Where are streams located?

Streams and rivers can be found everywhere—they get their start in the headwaters which may be springs snowmelt or even lakes. Then they travel often great distances to their mouths often ending in the ocean. The characteristics of a river or stream change during the journey from the source to the mouth.

Where does a river flow fastest?

Toward the middle of a river water tends to flow fastest toward the margins of the river it tends to flow slowest. 2. In a meandering river water will tend to flow fastest along the outside bend of a meander and slowest on the inside bend.

Where is Sudanese?

Northeast Africa

Sudan is located in Northeast Africa. It is bordered by Egypt to the north the Red Sea to the northeast Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east South Sudan to the south the Central African Republic to the southwest Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest.

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What is the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan?

Fighting broke out between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and SPLM-IO igniting the civil war. Ugandan troops were deployed to fight alongside the South Sudanese government.

South Sudanese Civil War.
Date 15 December 2013 – 22 February 2020 (6 years 2 months 1 week and 1 day)
Location South Sudan

What divides North South Sudan?

Little wonder then that each half has its own ethnic groups culture religion and economy. Those of the southern “Land of the Blacks” are more akin to sub-Saharan Africa than to the Arab north. Splitting Sudan south to north as it flows toward Egypt is the Nile River. Northern Sudan has a border on the Red Sea.

How are escarpments and cataracts related?

What is the relationship between escarpments and cataracts. Cataracts are large oceans formed by rivers flowing over escarpments or steep cliffs in East Africa. Cataracts are large lakes formed by rivers flowing over escarpments or steep cliffs in East Africa.

What role does subsistence farming play in the transition zone?

subsistence farming and semi-nomadic herding. grows crops primarily to feed his or her family selling any small surplus.

Why are there so many different types of climates and biomes within the East African sub region?

Why are there so many different types of climates and biomes within the East African sub-region? East Africa covers a wide area of latitudes and has many different elevations. … They exploited or unfairly took advantage of the peoples and natural resources of the subregion.

What cultural conflicts affect life in the transition zone?

Differences of religion and differences in way of life.

Which is an example of a way the economy of East Africa is changing?

Identify a way the economy of East Africa is changing. Rising foreign investment from China resulting in improved infrastructure and increased trade. … Lack of infrastructure means many people must use wood because they don’t have access to electricity resulting in deforestation.

What is the traditional family structure in the transition zone and how urban life is changing it?

Most families in the Transition Zone are patriarchal or headed by a male family member and descent is traced through the male line. Families are organized into clans large groups of people descended from an early common ancestor. People often marry only within their clan.

Which part of a river falls in low areas?

The lower part of the river flows in lower areas where the slope gradient and elevation of the topography are less. The river is a natural free-flowing watercourse that is divided into the upper middle and lower course based on the source region its flow path and the mouth of the river.

What is smaller than a stream?

Brook – A very small natural waterway smaller than a stream. Stream – A small natural waterway larger than a brook but smaller than a creek. Creek – A medium natural waterway larger than a stream. … Tributary – A waterway (larger than a branch) that flows into another usually larger waterway.

Where does the water in rivers come from?

Most of the water you see flowing in rivers comes from precipitation runoff from the land surface alongside the river. Of course not all runoff ends up in rivers. Some of it evaporates on the journey downslope can be diverted and used by people for their uses and can even be lapped up by thirsty animals.

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Why do rivers slow down?

Deposition. The main way in which deposition happens is through loss of speed. When a river slows down on the inside of bends or when it meets deeper water – such as a lake – it loses energy and cannot carry so much. This causes it to drop some of its load.

How do you slow down a river flow?

There are various ways to slow the flow of runoff water caused by heavy rainfall. Two techniques are: Partial manmade barriers (‘drop structures’ ‘check dams’) placed in streams on steep slopes to reduce the average water velocity (think: manmade waterfalls beavers!).

What is the fast-flowing part of a river called?

Rapids are sections of a river where the river bed has a relatively steep gradient causing an increase in water velocity and turbulence. Rapids are hydrological features between a run (a smoothly flowing part of a stream) and a cascade.

What is the area of South Sudan?

644 329 km²

Where is Sudan located on the map?


What are Sudan’s major cities?

List of cities in Sudan
  • Map of Sudan.
  • Omdurman the second most populated city.
  • Khartoum the capital of Sudan.
  • Khartoum Bahri.
  • Port Sudan the major seaport city.
  • Kassala.
  • Al-Fashir.

Why did Sudan split into Sudan and South Sudan?

Sudan once the largest and one of the most geographically diverse states in Africa split into two countries in July 2011 after the people of the south voted for independence. … Sudan has long been beset by conflict.

Why was there conflict between northern and southern Sudan quizlet?

Why was there conflict between Northern and Southern Sudan? Northern Sudan dominated Southern Sudan and some Southern sudanese rebelled. … Both faced periods of religious conflict and violence.

Is Sudan and South Sudan the same?

Sudan and South Sudan are both parts of the African continent. Both want what is best in their own interests. Sudan has since long been acknowledged as an independent country while South Sudan became an independent country in 2011 after an independence referendum.

Where in Africa is Sudan?

northeastern Africa
Sudan country located in northeastern Africa. The name Sudan derives from the Arabic expression bilād al-sūdān (“land of the blacks”) by which medieval Arab geographers referred to the settled African countries that began at the southern edge of the Sahara.Nov 17 2021

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Is Sudan in the northern or southern hemisphere?

The latitudinal point of Sudan places the African country above the equator meaning it is part of the northern hemisphere.

Are north and south Sudan separate countries?

Until 2011 Sudan and South Sudan were one country. … That year following decades of civil war the southern section seceded becoming one of the world’s newest nations: South Sudan. It’s the 10-year anniversary of South Sudan’s independence but unfortunately conflict continues to roil both countries.

Where are rift valleys found?

A rift valley is a lowland region that forms where Earth’s tectonic plates move apart or rift. Rift valleys are found both on land and at the bottom of the ocean where they are created by the process of seafloor spreading.

What has been shrinking due to drought desertification climate change and the damming of rivers?

Lake Volta has been shrinking due to drought desertification climate change and the damming of rivers that supply it.

What are the two dominant religions in East Africa?

What geographical factor(s) led to both Christianity and Islam becoming the two most prominent faiths within East Africa today? Explorers colonists and traders had easy access due to East Africa’s long Red Sea and Indian Ocean coastlines.

What rivers flow through the transition zone in Africa?

In this case the African Transition Zone separates the Sahara Desert environment and peoples of North Africa from the tropical rain forests of Central Africa. It stretches all the way from the western coast to the eastern coast. Parts of the Nile River also pass through the zone.

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