7 Unique Characteristics Of Human Beings?

7 unique characteristics that separate human beings from other species. Learn about walking upright, tool use, advanced brain function, complex social lives, and more!

1. Walking Upright. Humans are bipedal, meaning we walk on two legs. This is a unique characteristic that sets us apart from other primates and animals. Bipedalism allowed our ancestors to use their hands for tool making and freed up their vision for better observing their surroundings.

2. Tools & Food. Humans are the only species known to make and use tools on a regular basis. Our ability to manipulate our environment through tool use has played a crucial role in our survival and success. In addition, humans have developed complex methods for acquiring and preparing food, such as agriculture, cooking, and hunting.

3. Brains. Human brains are much larger in proportion to our body size than other species, and we have a more developed cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher cognitive functions such as language and abstract thinking. This advanced brain function has allowed humans to create complex societies, communicate with one another, and make significant advancements in technology.

4. Bodies. Humans have a number of physical adaptations that set us apart from other species. For example, we have opposable thumbs, which allow us to grip objects with precision, and large, complex vocal cords, which allow us to produce a wide range of sounds, including speech.

5. Social Life. Humans are social animals and form complex social relationships with one another. Our ability to empathize with others, form bonds, and work together has been crucial for our survival and success as a species.

6. Language & Symbols. Humans have developed language, which is a unique system of communication that allows us to convey complex ideas and information. We also use symbols, such as written language, to represent and convey meaning. This ability to communicate and convey information has played a major role in our progress as a species.

7. Humans Change the World. Humans have a profound impact on the world around us. Our ability to manipulate our environment through technology, agriculture, and other means has allowed us to shape the world to our liking and has led to significant changes in the natural world. This impact has both positive and negative consequences and is a key characteristic that sets us apart from other species.

These seven unique characteristics of human beings truly set us apart from other species on our planet. Our ability to walk upright, make and use tools, have complex social relationships, communicate through language and symbols, and impact the world around us, are just a few of the ways that humans have been able to succeed and thrive on this planet.

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